Ramil Kamilov

Ramil Kamilov on Roberto Pixley “My Boxing’s Better”

Ramil Kamilov collides with Roberto Pixley at Unified MMA 52 on September 8th. ‘Real Deal’ looks to continue his impressive winning streak as Kamilov sets his sights on going 7-0 as a pro here.

This bout transpires at the BMO Centre in Calgary, Alberta, and the Canadian combat broadcasts on UFC Fight Pass.

Kamilov once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss the growth of Champion’s Creed in the Calgary MMA space, what went into his last fight that saw him go the distance for the first time as a pro, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Ramil Kamilov

How have you been curating the sparring partner dynamics in terms of working with similar body types or similar stylistic attributes to your opponent Roberto Pixley?

“With Pixley, I haven’t (laughs) well I guess yeah I went to do some boxing sparring at Olympus. An amateur boxer out here he’s got maybe 30-plus fights or so, I was sparring boxing with him. Because I see Pixley as more of a boxer you know. I think it’s pretty obvious if anyone’s watched his fights. He’s got some mean power and he’s kind of the same. Close-range boxing, heavy right hand. Really similar style. I’ve only sparred him once this camp but other than that, I haven’t been too too worried about getting guys to imitate him.”

Unified MMA 52

Your upcoming opponent has got five finishes in his six wins with four of those being first-round finishes.

Other than the power in his western boxing you mentioned, what other notable stylistic attributes have you picked up on from Roberto Pixley and what’s next with a potential win here?

“I think that’s all he’s got against me is just some powerful boxing. With that said, I think my boxing’s better. But I think the one thing he has over me is power and probably a bit of size fighting at 170. Because I tried to get this fight at you know 165 or a catch weight, something lower. But they were insistent on 170 and that’s cool with me… I will talk about that after I beat this guy. I absolutely do (have a plan for the post-fight interview).”

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