Look And Train Like A Fighter With TapouT XT

Train Like A Fighter With TapouT XT

If you want to get ripped and look like a fighter, you have to train like a fighter. For those who have the time and money to build a home MMA gym, more power to you! For those who don’t have the space and don’t have money to spend on equipment, there’s a better way: TapouT XT.

TapouT XT is the brainchild of fitness expert Mike Karpenko. Mike began developing fitness programs back in 2004 when Beachbody hired him to run test groups and work on developing products. Prior to TapouT XT, Mike worked on P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Body Beast, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Hammer & Chisel. All of his work has been great, but TapouT XT is one of the best.

TapouT XT is an extreme UFC-style workout

TapouT XT is a 90-day intense fitness program featuring 12 different martial arts style workouts rotated on a weekly basis. Although each workout is different, all workouts engage the core. The program was launched in 2011 and was marketed online and through television infomercials.

No weights are necessary for this workout program – just bands and bodyweight. Bands are convenient because they are cheap, light, and can be stuffed in a drawer out of sight.

What’s in the TapouT XT box

The TapouT XT program comes with these 12 workouts led by a highly motivating Mike Karpenko:

• Strength and Force Upper (53 minutes)
• Plyo XT (51 minutes)
• Yoga XT (51 minutes)
• Legs and Back (40 minutes)
• Cross Core Combat (45 minutes) – TapouT XT published Cross Core Combat to YouTube, so check it out to get an idea of how simple yet intense these workouts are.
• Competition Core (47 minutes)
• Sprawl and Brawl (46 minutes)
• Muay Thai (40 minutes)
• Cardio XT (46 minutes)
• Ultimate Abs (15 minutes)
• Buns and Guns (31 minutes)
• Ripped Conditioning (41 minutes)
• Power Strike (bonus 5-minute strike training DVD)

The following items also came with the official release of the program:

A branded, white TapouT XT towel to mop up your sweat, a heavy-duty exercise mat, weighted gloves to use with the Sprawl and Brawl workout, a lightweight tubular starter band, a lightweight leg band, a nutrition guide, and a workout schedule.

Since TapouT XT can only be found on sites like Amazon and eBay, you’re not likely to get all of the extra goodies with your purchase. However, they can be found separately and other brands can be used as a substitute.

The TapouT XT branded exercise mats can still be found online; however, as thick as they are, the mats aren’t very cushy. If you’re looking for a soft mat that can support workouts even on a concrete surface, you want an 8mm thick Gorilla Mat. Some of the workouts require you to move your body beyond the limits of a standard exercise or yoga mat, so having at least a 5’ x 7’ Gorilla Mat will help.

What the program doesn’t come with – but you need

When people resell their program, they usually only sell the CDs so you’ll need to buy your own set of tubular bands in several different strengths. It’s a good idea to invest in the strongest bands possible since bands do snap and can cause serious injury. Be sure to get the bands with padded handles. Some brands charge a lot of money for their bands but don’t provide padding or grip material on their handles.

Weighted gloves are recommended for Sprawl and Brawl, although they’re not necessary.

You’ll also want to track your progress to stay on track. Instead of using a complicated online excel file created by someone else, create your own logbook online with a simple booklet. It’s cheap and easy, and by creating your own logbook, you can create a space to track exactly what you need. For instance, you might want to track body fat percentage, bone density, and nutrient absorption. You can also design your logbook with images that keep you motivated.

TapouT XT is a timeless workout program

It doesn’t matter how old it gets, this program will always be relevant. Many people have been getting results since 2011, and it’s become a favorite among those who used to do Rushfit and P90X. Why is TapouT XT preferred? You don’t need any weights, and the results are solid. Try it and see for yourself!

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