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Tyron Woodley explains why he’s not interested in fighting Leon Edwards anymore

With UFC London no longer happening, Tyron Woodley makes it clear he is no longer interested in fighting Leon Edwards.

Woodley was expected to headline the card against Edwards in a pivotal welterweight clash. Yet, with the card postponed, he has now shifted his attention to Colby Covington.

“The only reason that the Leon Edwards fight ever got booked, is because Colby Covington wasn’t ready to fight,” Woodley said to Ariel Helwani (via BJPENN.com). “And they didn’t know when Colby would be ready to fight, and I didn’t want to wait.”

Although Edwards is riding a long winning streak and many consider him one win away from a title shot, Woodley says no one knows who he is. So, it makes little to no sense to continue to want to fight him with Covington now calling him out.

“Cause I originally said I wasn’t going to f*cking London to fight,” Woodley said. “Why? ‘Cause [who the] f*ck’s Leon Edwards? Nobody knows his a*s. [But] He’s a good fighter, he’s a great fighter. I gave him props every time.”

In the end, Tyron Woodley is frustrated with everything including how everyone acts because of Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor.

“Our sport’s seen Chael Sonnen first, then they’ve seen Conor McGregor, then Colby Covington created this whole act,” Woodley said. “If you’re going to create an act, don’t tell people it’s an act. Hold on to it until you retire. Like you’re openly telling people it’s an act, makes it even cornier.

“So you’ve got everybody dressing the way they think they’re supposed to dress… Conor McGregor was wearing suits, let me wear a suit. This guy was talking trash, let me talk trash. This guy has a gimmick, let me get a gimmick.

“It’s so terrible that grown a*s men and women can’t just be themselves these days.”

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