Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington

Colby Covington says he wants rematch with Kamaru Usman not Tyron Woodley fight

Although he was willing to step in and possibly save a UFC event this weekend, Colby Covington is not focused on a fight with Tyron Woodley right now.

During his appearance on Submission Radio on Wednesday, Covington discussed his willingness to help the UFC save a main event, that never happened, and then laid out what his real plans are for the future. Before the UFC cancelled their upcoming events through early April, Covington had said he was willing to step in and replace Leon Edwards and face Tyron Woodley, but those plans came to a quick halt.

Now that Covington won’t be rushing into an event to help the UFC, he told Submission Radio that his real target is a rematch fight with champion Kamaru Usman rather than facing Woodley.

“That ship has sailed with Tyron Woodley, I got bigger and better business to handle, and that’s with ‘Marty FakeNewsman.’ I was willing to save the day for the UFC and step up on six days’ notice to fight Woodley, but with a full camp I want my title shot and I want ‘Marty FakeNewsman.'” (h/t ESPN)

UFC President Dana White has said that they are targeting a fight between Usman and ‘BMF’ champion Jorge Masvidal for International Fight Week, but Covington doesn’t believe the fight will happen because Masvidal will price himself out.

“They’ve been talking about this fight for 2-3 months now, Why has this fight not been signed? I called this from the start. I said ‘Journeyman’ Jorge Masvidal is scared to fight ‘Marty Fake Newsman.’ He doesn’t want to fight him. He wants more money than he’s worth. He’s going to wait out and try to get the Conor [McGregor] fight. And he’s going to realize that he overplayed his hand. He’s an overhyped job. He hit lightning in a bottle [in 2019]. No one is going to care about him in a couple months.”

Whether he has to wait for Usman to face Masvidal or if he gets the fight sooner than later, Covington is confident he’s going to get the rematch.

“I’ll get my rematch with ‘Marty FakeNewsman’ one way or another. He’s got nowhere to go. We will settle this. We only had one battle, the war is still to come.”

The UFC and Dana White have not said anything in regards to a rematch between Covington and Usman, but “Chaos” seems pretty set on making sure they fight again, sooner than later.

You can hear the full episode of Submission Radio here.

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