Abdul Razak Alhassan GPS monitor

UFC fighter accused of raping 2 women, attorney wants GPS monitor removed

UFC fighter Abdul Razak Alhassan was indicted last month on accusations that he sexually assaulted two women. Now his attorney is asking the judge to remove a requirement that his client wear a GPS monitor, arguing that it interferes with his career.

Alhassan, who last fought and won in the first round over Niko Price at UFC 228 in September, was working as a bouncer at the Varsity Tavern at 1005 Norwood St. in March when Saginaw, Texas police allege he drove two intoxicated women home from the bar, then raped both women inside one of their homes.

He was charged in the case in April and released from jail on a $20,000 bond. A Tarrant County grand jury indicted Alhassan on two counts of sexual assault on Sept. 24.

According to a report from the Star-Telegram, “The court had previously loosened Abdul Razak Alhassan’s bond conditions — letting him remove his GPS monitor for fights and training but only when outside of Tarrant County — after his defense attorneys filed a motion in May that the device prohibited Alhassan from fighting in matches or even practicing and training for fights.

“But on Monday, attorney Brandon Barnett filed a new motion, asking the judge to do away with the GPS monitor bond condition altogether.”

This provision is not reasonable or feasible under the circumstances because defendant’s profession requires that he conduct training, travel, and undergo medical procedures that would interfere with the monitor,” Barnett states in the motion.

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s office declined to comment Tuesday on whether prosecutors will fight the motion.

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