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UFC on ESPN 25 winner Ricky Glenn recaps chainsaw incident

Ricky Glenn almost lost his leg in a chainsaw accident before his victory at UFC on ESPN 25 this past Saturday, June 19.

Glenn worked in tree removal during a two and a half year break from MMA following hip surgery. During one of the jobs, “The Gladiator” felt a burning sensation on his leg after a tree rolled and hit the saw he was using,

The left-handed Glenn then realized the saw was cutting his leg. Luckily for Glenn, his pants and skin was enough to keep the chain from causing further damage. He walked away with no stitches needed. 

“I almost cut my leg off. I got a scar on my thigh right now, kind of hacked up my leg a little bit with a chainsaw,” Glenn said. 

“With power tools and chainsaws, some of the most common injuries with power tools is using them with your wrong hand. I was holding it a different way, so when it went down, it naturally turned a certain way because I was holding it with the opposite hands.”

Ricky Glenn, jack of all trades

Glenn is one who likes to work with his hands. Makes sense after setting up a 37-second knockout over Joaquim Silva with a right cross last Saturday, June 19. 

When his home state of Iowa was hit by a land hurricane, Glenn decided to pick up work as a tree removal specialist. Glenn is a renaissance man, having worked in roofing, landscaping and construction. 

“I like working with my hands, kind of problem solving,” Glenn said. “It’s not so much fun getting in crawl spaces and crawling around in an attic for a day. I’ll do it and won’t complain about it, but there are some aspects that kind of suck.”

Glenn plans to return before summer ends

The 32-year-old is happy to be back inside the octagon. Saturday night’s victory marked his first fight since November 2018. 

Glenn has always been a somewhat active fighter, averaging about two to four fights a year. He looks to get back to his normal ways, eying another return before the end of the summer. 

“I’m getting back to training,” Glenn said. “I would like to fight three to four times a year, get back to that, and be more consistent with my competition and fights.”

Glenn expected an earlier return against Carlton Minus this past December. A positive COVID-19 test kept Gleen from competing once again.

After earning a highlight-reel finish just days ago, chainsaw accidents and positive COVID-19 tests are in the past. It’s tough for Glenn to remember the negatives at this point. 

“I forgot about it right away,” Glenn said. “It was amazing, 37 seconds, I visualized it, but I wasn’t expecting it.”

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