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UFC Releases 8 Fighters – Bowles, Ogle, and Nedkov Included MMA News 

UFC Releases 8 Fighters – Bowles, Ogle, and Nedkov Included

UFC Releases 8 Fighters – Bowles, Ogle, and Nedkov Included

The UFC opened up several roster spots today after releasing eight fighters. The most notable of the eight was former WEC champion and top bantamweight Brian Bowles. Bowles (10-3) lost his last fight to George Roop back in May 2013. Bowles was also suspended following his loss to Roop for testing positive for elevated testosterone levels. To make matters even worse for the former WEC champion, Bowles recently ran into a long list of legal issues when he was arrested on charges of possession of drugs with intent to sell.

British native Andy Ogle (9-6) was also released from the featherweight division, after losing his fourth straight fight and going 1-5 in the UFC. Bulgarian fighter Stanislav Nedkov (12-2, 1 NC) tried out the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions with no success in the UFC, amassing a 1-2 record, with one no contest after his opponent Thiago Silva failed his drug test (Silva submitted Nedkov in their fight).

Akira Corassani (12-6, 1 NC) announced his retirement from mixed martial arts following his loss to Sam Sicilia back in January, dropping his third straight in the UFC. Corassani being crossed off the list is not a surprise since he retired.

The final four released were TUF competitors Humberto Brown Morrison (4-5, featherweight), Rodolfo Rubio Perez (12-7, featherweight), Tim Gorman (8-4, bantamweight), and Juan Manuel Puig (11-4, featherweight). Between these four fighters their record in the UFC was 0-6.


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