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USKBA Championship Kickboxing – Awakening Fight Photos  Event Results MMA News 

USKBA Championship Kickboxing – Awakening Fight Photos 


USKBA Championship Kickboxing held “Awakening”, from the PAL Center in Yonker, New York. Results and photos from the event here.


                    Red Corner                           Red Corner
1            David Cushen

           UFC Gym    (WIN)

               Mauricio Compos

              Go USFC

2            Kamil  Kargol

          Matador Muay Thai

              Brian Murphy

          914 Training Center   (WIN)

3           Sufian Abdul  – Hakeem

           UFC Gym White Plains

             Pawel Zarowny

             Spyda  Muay Thai (WIN)

4          Ana Maldonado

        Matador   Muay Thai  

              Anastasia Bruce

          Kai Next Level MMA   (WIN)

5         Sosa Mejia

        Jersey City KickBoxing  (WIN)

            Ricardo Saldana

            Spyda Muay Thai

6          Xavier Clarke

        Supreme Submission Squad

            Nick Spencer

           Evolution Muay Thai  (WIN)

7        Rashede** Conyers

      Alpha Omega MMA  (WIN)

           Ben Garcia

          Go  USFC

8       Nick Quattrock

     Fighting Arts Academy CT (WIN)

        Kenneth Howard

       Kai Next Level

9      Kevorn Daley

      Go USFC          (WIN)

        Adam Colon

        914 Training Center

10     Rafael Sanchez

   Jersey City KickBoxing   (WIN)

        Alex Santiago

       Inferno Training Center

11    William Cavali

   Team Demolition

        Greg Medina

       914 Training Center     (WIN)


Photos Courtesy of Jon Johansen.

Follow him on Instagram at @Aesir_Images and on Facebook at  @AesirProductions.



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