Valentina Shevchenko vs Jessica Eye targeted for UFC 238

Valentina Shevchenko breaks down head kick KO win over Jessica Eye

Valentina Shevchenko defended her flyweight title in the co-main event of UFC 238. There, the champion was taking on Jessica Eye where the champ dominated round one. Then, in the second round, she landed a beautiful head kick that knocked Eye out cold.

Although it was a good win for the champ, Eye remained on the canvas for quite a while which started to scare Shevchenko.

“The very first moment, you cannot think about this because the fight is still going and while she was going to the floor, I still was thinking that maybe—I didn’t know how deep it was,” Shevchenko said. “It wasn’t until the referee stopped the fight and I went to my corner, I saw that she was not getting up. And then I start to think. But the very, very first moment, it’s difficult to think about it.”

“First of all, of course it’s sport,” Shevchenko continued. “It’s MMA and we are training for this. If you are not doing this kind of KO, you will get this kind of KO, and no one wants to get it. That’s why we are training very hard to be better than our opponents. Everybody who steps into the Octagon, they know what they can get inside.”

While the kick was nice, Valentina Shevchenko says it was not planned. Rather, she was fighting her fight and the opportunity presented itself to land the head kick.

“About this exact kick, it’s about the exact moment,” Shevchenko said. “But in my training, I train everything, because being an MMA fighter, I have to be able to use every single moment to win the fight. And if I see the opportunity to make KO, I can do it, because I have [the tools], and if I see (an) opportunity to make submission, I will be able to do it because I was training for it. That’s why I think it’s very important to train everything.”

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