Vanessa Demopoulos: “I stay training” – Ready for LFA 69

At this Friday’s LFA 69, Vanessa Demopoulos squares off with Nadine Mandiau in women’s strawweight action. Dempoulos explains how the fight came together on short notice and why that’s alright.

What are your thoughts about LFA 69 & taking on Nadine Mandiau?

“I’m so excited to be fighting for LFA again. I love the LFA so much man. This was like a last-minute call to be on the LA (Los Angeles) show and I’m living here in LA. So, this is so exciting for me to have this opportunity. I just feel so blessed. I’m so honored to be able to fight.”

Mentioning it was a late call, what kind of timeline was this fight put together on?

“I believe it was about a four-week timeline. Thankfully I stay in the gym, you know, year around. I’m not one of those athletes, like I’m here during fight camp and then I disappear and take like a three-month vacation. I stay training. So, I was already ready. And then we get the call. So, it’s just a matter of honing everything in for whatever particular opponent it is. And, I just make sure my diet is on point. To get the call I think it was less than four weeks out. Like yes. Let’s go. Let’s do this.”

Listen to the full interview with Vanessa Demopoulos at the top of the page.

LFA 69

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