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Which MMA Video Game has Been the Best

MMA is a fast thrilling contact sport, and if you have ever watched ringside you can feel the tension in the air as two opponents fight it out in the cage. Unlike boxing MMA is more physical and not so curated, you get to see raw emotion from the opponents. So, it’s not surprising that gaming giants EA took the opportunity to immortalize the MMA experience in a video game. So, when there are no fights on TV or to watch or you just want the ability to control a fighter, you can grab a console and controller and let rip.

The first MMA video game was developed by Anchor Inc and released on the Game Boy Color and PlayStation in 2010. EA only released its first UFC video game in June 2014, and has completely dominated the market since then, it is EA after all. Today we take a look at the best MMA Video game ever made and there have been some great ones in the last two decades.

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When compared to some of the later releases some of the earlier games had a really low quality like the UFC: Throwdown released back in 2002. Some games were just downright confusing like the UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System, we weren’t sure if it was a workout video game, a training session, or a strategy game. It seemed like EA released this one just for the sake of releasing something. You would have spent your time wisely browsing the complete list of fastest withdrawal casinos.

With the release of UFC, 3 things started looking up, the graphics were more realistic, and your outside interactions outside the octagon had a direct impact on your character. UFC 4 was an even better improvement with more fighters to choose from and an interactive game mode. It’s no surprise that the games scored 77 and 78 respectively.

In 2009 EA launched the UFC undisputed series which was the ultimate game changer. The graphic quality improved by 100%, and there were six main fighting styles to be earned and mastered. The 2010 instalment offered slight improvements in the online functionality, but the format was pretty much the same, the 2010 instalment has a well-deserved score of 85.

MMA Video Game

The Best Game


UFC Undisputed 3 is considered not only the best game of the trilogy but the best MMA video game of all time. Even though the title is different from the other two it is also based on the same format but has so much more going for it. With Undisputed 3 the team at EA took all the criticism and complaints of the previous two and improved on them. They added a Pride mode, introduced new ways to bout, and made the ground game more realistic. When Pride is selected everything changes, from the arena to the commentators, you even get extra players from Pride FC, the rules in Pride mode were also different from the normal rules.

This game scored a well-deserved 86, released in 2012 on Playstation and Xbox it is still considered the best MMA game a decade later. It has a realistic career mode that keeps you captivated; the graphics quality is unmatched even with today’s superior software. This game is the reason people have held onto their PS3s.

Undisputed 3 can still hold its own against today’s games, the action is dynamic and realistic, and punches and kicks that work in real-life were seamlessly replicated in this game. There is never any dead time, you are constantly in action, either fighting, training, or recovering. The simple mode makes it easy for beginners to get a hang of the game with no compromise on quality and action.

Fighters in Undisputed 3 were truly unique, they had trademark moves that would be restricted when applied by other fighters. Undisputed 3 marked an era where developers did not rely on software to do the work when gaming companies listened to their customers and went out of their way to provide the most realistic simulation possible. Many games have been released since Undisputed 3 but none could ever match its intuition.


New from EA MMA

UFC 4 was launched in 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One with great new features such as new and different venues, you will no longer be restricted to the octagon, you can take the fight into the streets or underground it’s really up to you. Blitz Battles is a new mode where you can fight other fighters online, it’s six rounds of fast-paced fighting with constantly changing rules.

Hot on the heels of UFC 4 is UFC 5 which doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet but we expect it in the first half of 2023. The game will also be available on PS4 and Xbox.



If you are new to EA MMA/ UFC games before you pre-order UFC 5 or buy UFC4 we strongly recommend you buy or borrow Undisputed 3 and experience for yourself what so many gamers have been raving about for over a decade. It will change the way you experience gaming.

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