Who is John Gotti III: Floyd Mayweather’s Next Opponent

Floyd Mayweather has kept busy since retiring off his win over Conor McGregor in 2017. Since that record breaking win, Mayweather has fought Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, Don Moore, Mikuru Asakura and Deji. Mayweather has added a new name to his post-fight fight list: John Gotti III.

Today, we’re going to look at John Gotti III and who he is as a boxer and where his family comes from.

John Gotti III: Deep History, Good Fighter

If John Gotti III’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s from a fairly well-known family. His grandfather was the leader of the Gambino family and was one of New York City’s “Five Families.”

Three generations later, we get to Gotti III who is now facing Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition. Gotti was once one of the hottest prospects in all of mixed martial arts. He started his career at a perfect 5-0 with some impressive stoppages. With rumors of the UFC calling, Gotti suffered a decision loss to Nick Alley in the main event of CES 61.

Gotti III then took some time off from competing. Upon returning, Gotti III has decided on a slight career change and took to professional boxing instead.

Since starting his career in boxing, Gotti III has had some good success in his two pro bouts. In October or 2022, John Gotti III made his debut and took a four round unanimous decision over 0-1 Albert Tulley. He then returned in January of 2023 and took on Alex Citrowske. That fight was spectacular in nature as Gotti III put his opponent away in the first round.

Now, Gotti III is set for the biggest opportunity of his career. Taking on Floyd Mayweather has been in an exhibition has been quite unpredictable and Mayweather is having fun with the whole thing. He goes out and entertains. Gotti III will get his shot at the undefeated boxer in an exhibition. But one thing is for sure, this one has an interesting storyline to it with the combination of Mayweather’s legacy and Gotti’s familial history.

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