WMMAA & Battle Brotherhood partner this Friday in Miami to support global military brotherhood

WMMAA & Battle Brotherhood partner this Friday in Miami to support global military brotherhood

WMMAA & Battle Brotherhood partner to launch World Alliance to support global military brotherhood

 MMA Fighters, celebrities & politicians join forces to honor service members at gala celebration this Friday night in Miami 

MIAMI (September 8, 2015) Miami, Florida – World MMA Association (WMMAA) and Battle Brotherhood (BB) this Friday in Miami will launch, World Alliance, an international initiative to support and honor service members and their families. The initiative aims to educate, challenge, and spark action from all sectors of every society – citizens, communities, businesses, nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and government – to ensure military families have the support they have earned.

World Alliance is spearheaded by WMMAA vice president Tomas Yu, who also is WMMAA Pan-American president, and BB president Iskander Galiev, who have been leaders in supporting international combat military families and advocating for their priorities. World Alliance will address the unique challenges and needs of combat military families. Building on this groundwork, the initiative will focus on key priority areas like employment, education, and wellness, while engaging in a comprehensive effort to raise awareness about the service, sacrifice, and needs of combat military families.

Both organizations recognize and serve all combat military families who, like their loved ones in uniform, serve and sacrifice so much so that we can live in freedom and security,” Yu said. “This is a challenge to every segment of every society not to simply say thank you but to mobilize, take action and make a real commitment to support military families.”

“There are so many ways that every society member can lend a hand and make a difference,” Galiev explained.  “I have met individuals and groups across continents who are supporting troops and their families and showing all citizens that there are countless ways to help -some large and many small. But all important. And I can tell you from personal experience, all is appreciated. That is why we are here today and why the WMMAA and Battle Brotherhood are trying to rally communities to join us.”

Strengthening the quality of life military families, veterans, and survivors of the fallen and address some of the issues, like the financial challenges that confront military families by working with the business community to make it easier for veterans and their spouses to build a career.

“We’re here today because these Heroes in uniform have never served alone. NOT yesterday, NOT today and NOT tomorrow,” Yu added. “Behind every uniform stands a wife or husband; a mother, a father; a son or daughter; a sister or brother. These families – these remarkable families – are the force behind the force.”

“I have always said we have lots of obligations as nations but only one truly sacred moral obligation to this brotherhood: to prepare and protect those we send into harm’s way, and to give them every bit of care they, and their families, need when they return,” Galiev noted.

World Alliance has made battle brotherhood and military families a priority across the world, but the alliance recognizes that this can’t be the work of one government alone. Our alliance will reach out broadly to include commitments and efforts from outside international governments across many different sectors. As an initial step, World Alliance is working with leading employers, non-profits and media companies to kick off World Alliance with meaningful commitments to address military family’s unique needs in employment, education, wellness and public awareness.


Commitments also include public awareness activities to ensure that the world knows more about the unique challenges and needs of military families and their strength, resilience and service. We are developing an initiative enabling people to honor military families by making pledges of service. As part of the initiative, www.BattleBrotherhood.com will provide ways for all to step up and show their gratitude to service members and their families worldwide. Visitors can send messages of thanks, find opportunities to get involved and share stories of service. The website will highlight government support and the outstanding citizens, communities, and businesses that are serving international military families.

The official World Alliance launch will be held this Friday (Sept.11) with a gala celebration at Newport Beach Resort in Miami, Florida. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. ET. For additional call (305) 305-0123 or visit www.battlebrotherhood.com.








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