Tyron Woodley, Breaking down the UFC welterweight division

Zahabi says Tyron Woodley will have ‘new surprises for his opponents’

Former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley is now training at TriStar in Montreal, Canada with Firas Zahabi. How they became to work with one another is simple, according to the head coach.

“We worked out together at a UFC event,” Zahabi said to MMA Junkie. “We ended up training together. The first time was in Vegas, and we hit it off. We had a good time training with him and Duke (Roufus). We hit it off. We had a great time. Then we trained in Edmonton, and we hit it off again. We had a great chemistry forming, so we’re like, ‘Look, let’s keep it going.’”

Now that they are training together, Zahabi knows Tyron Woodley will be much better the next time he walks into the Octagon. He will also have new tricks up his sleeve for his opponents.

“When you’re champion for a long time, people are getting to know your style,” Zahabi. “I think what happens is everyone is always watching the No. 1 guy, the champion, so they start figuring him out. Not as many people are watching the guy who is No. 10 or No. 15 or No. 4. They’re all watching the No. 1 guy. So the No. 1 guy has to keep reinventing himself.

“With Tyron, we’re going to try to add a new wrinkle that nobody knows so that, when he goes back in there, he’ll be at the same level, of course, but he’ll have new tricks in his bag, new surprises for his opponents. Things that he’s comfortable doing that’ll work and they’re going to have to figure him out on fight night, not before fight night because he’s going to be having a new wrinkle, a new dimension to his game.”

Currently, Tyron Woodley is without an opponent and when he will return is to be seen.

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