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Christian Dexter fights friend, Jared Jones, at USKA this weekend

Christian Dexter (0-1) has been competing in Korean martial arts for 17 years. 17 years of long nights in the gym, traveling, hotels, and endless tournaments to get him to the level he is. To advance in his combat repertoire, Dexter began training in multiple other facets of martial arts such as BJJ and boxing later on. The young athlete, Dexter continues to train full time while attending the Maryland Institute of College and Art (MICA), so to say his plate is full would be an understatement. However, the young Dexter finds a way to get it done and look impressive while he does it.

On October 5th, Dexter makes his second appearance in the USKA ring in conjunction with the NAFMA KO Series as he takes on Jared Jones in a 150 pound bout. The two athletes have known each other for years as they’ve traveled together through the sport karate world with the NAFMA team, and now with a full rules platform to compete against a foe he knows so well, fans can certainly expect an all out war.

“At the end of the day its just business I’m going in there to fight I don’t care who’s across from me I’m going to do my job and see how it goes.” Dexter says about the bout with someone he considers a “friend” in Jones.

Tune in as Christian Dexter makes time ahead of his second appearance in the USKA ring this Saturday October 5th. It all goes down this Saturday evening, October 5th in Allentown, PA at USKA.

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