Zak Kelly, Gracie 717

Zak Kelly and Gracie 717 team preparing 3 warriors for battle at USKA Fight Night 2

Zak “Noble” Kelly has over 40 fights on his résumé between kick-boxing and MMA.  He is currently a professional mixed martial artist with a 4-0 start to his career. Kelly enjoys giving back as much as he can to a place that he considers family.

Gracie 717 has been very busy preparing men and women for competition in numerous combat sports. Kelly has been instrumental in their development all the while using that to help himself improve.

They send three men into the ring on January 20 at USKA Philly Fight Night 2 . Zak took some time out to give us a scouting report on Rashaun Day, Miles Lee, and Grant Swift as they finish up preparations for their kick-boxing bouts. You could hear the excitement from Kelly when speaking about Miles Lee, whom he says is a freak athlete and destined to do good things in his career.

Please listen in below to get a feel for these fighters as well as a little preview on Zak’s next MMA fight for Art of War.  MyMMANews will be ringside for coverage and a full recap.


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