Zion Clark

Zion Clark discusses his professional MMA win

Zion Clark blew up the internet just before Christmas after he won his first professional fight.

Usually fighters don’t have the internet success for winning a fight like Clark had, especially when in their pro debut. However Clark’s story is incredible and he deserves all of the attention that has been thrown his way.

Clark was born with a rare birth defect called caudal regression syndrome which caused him to be born without legs.

As if that wasn’t a tough journey to begin with, Clark also was in and out of foster homes as a young kid.

Throughout all the adversity, Clark stayed grounded and he knew that he was going to make a name for himself one day.

At the age of three, he fell in love music and would find a passion in playing the drums in which he still does to this day and he often showcases his drumming talent on his social media profiles.

While music has played a major part in his life, it was a decision he made in elementary school that really turned his life around as he decided to challenge himself and try out for his schools wrestling team.

At first, it didn’t go well for the young Clark and he went several years without winning a match until one day when Clark fell in love with fitness and he worked around the clock with his high school coach.

From that point on his career took off and Clark became a stud in wrestling and went from never winning a match to wrestling at the NCAA Division I level when he enrolled at Kent State University.

While Clark was at Kent State, he knew he wanted to be a professional fighter one day and he started training in the sport. Eventually, he would move to California to train alongside former Bellator featherweight champion AJ McKee.

After spending some years training, Clark then decided he would make his professional debut at Gladiator Challenge: Seasons Beatings.

In his fight with Eugene Murray, Clark would dominate by using his wrestling background and he would go on to win all three rounds on way to a unanimous decision win.

Following the win, Clark spoke with MyMMANews to discuss first pro victory, getting so much attention following the fight, including a shout from sports icon Conor McGregor and his passion for wrestling and music.

You can watch his full interview in the video above.

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