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10 Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a difficult but rewarding martial art. Unlike various other martial arts, it has no striking, but yes, mostly taking place on the ground and utilizing chokes, strangles, and joint locks. The benefits are not limited to agility and acute sense, but more than that.

Jiu Jitsu has been there for a long and is known for its amazing benefits. So are you interested in knowing about the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll discuss the top benefits that may force you to go for this martial art.

The 10 Best Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Here’re som amazing benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you may need to know:

  1. Take Control of Your Life:

The most important thing you may want to learn is how to take full control of your life. As you know, life is fully unpredictable, and everyone has to experience tough times at some point in life. So the lack of control in your life is something most people fear. But worry no more; BJJ helps you look at your problems positively and make decisions in actuality. With self-awareness, you can better take action.

  1. Helps in Staying Relaxed:

During the tough training sessions, you can find yourself in bad or discouraging situations. But here comes BJJ; it helps you keep relaxed and calm. This helps in learning how to stay cool. For that, you need to learn how to breathe correctly. During BJJ training, you learn to focus on breathing when you are in a tense or stressed situation.

  1. Keep Ego at the Door:

BJJ is not at all about ego.You can’t go far with your short temper and ego. This training is all about honor and respect. Every student learns to maintain high discipline and carefully listen to the instructors. Ego is against sportsmanship; no game or competition promotes ego.

  1. It Helps In Keeping Ego At Bay:

Our ego makes us feel super relaxed. Your ego can direct you in the wrong direction. But BJJ helps you learn how to keep your ego at bay. During the training session, you may need to be humble and listen to others’ opinions.

  1. Good Exercise:

These are typically sparring rounds of 5 minutes in length, including several low and high-intensity efforts with little rest. Reda Elmardi has mentioned on The Gym Goat, that It’s a good form of exercise, and according to an estimation based on research, 30 minutes of super hard rolling could help you burn around 500 calories.

  1. Always be Challenged:

You could learn a lot from BJJ, starting with basic positions to transitions and submissions; you can learn many techniques. With that, you also learn about subtle concepts like balance, framing, and leveraging. This way, you always feel challenged. So if you are looking for something that can always keep you challenged, then BJJ is the best option.

  1. Self-Defense:

JBB teaches you precious self-defense skills, including how to restrain opponents, submissions designed to reduce an opponent’s unconscious. You learn several skills you could use to show defense against the enemies. Self-dense is important at every point of life. You could face any challenge at any point in your life. And for that, you should learn different techniques for self-dense.

  1. Teaches Patience:

BJJ is the best way to learn patience, which is beneficial in every field of life. You will always have to wait for the right time to make a quick escape from an opponent. When you rightly learn how to escape, this helps you train your mind successfully, and this way, you better learn how to show patience and make the right moves.

  1. Problem Solving Skills:

This training teaches you different game styles you might be familiar with. Yes, you can learn multiple problem-solving skills, like a fly to try, and pass all these guards to over these styles. Go for BJJ if you really want to fight against multiple problems. When you get command over various techniques and skills, you can build better problem-solving skills.

  1. Deal with Pressure:

One of the biggest problems that most people deal with is pressure. Whatever the field is, coping with pressure seems tough and challenging, especially when you are in an unfavorable position where you could react. But relaxing under full pressure allows you to conserve your energy and plan your very next move perfectly. BJJ is here to help you deal with this pressure. The techniques involved helping you learn with pressure.


So what do you think about it? Are you ready to get BJJ training? This martial art exercise is beneficial, not physically, but psychologically. It trains you to cope with different problems, build confidence, and help you beat ego to be successful in every field of life.

There are benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in many aspects of your life for example: improving your fitness and health as well as self-defense. Of course, there is a lot of pressure and pulling as well which can strain your muscles. At times it can be as simple as getting caught in awkward positions or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Attack the Back is a great site where you can find the latest BJJ news and editorial pieces.

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