4 Things You Didn’t Know About Fitness

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is easier than you think. Of course, it’s a given that you’ll have to sweat and avoid the temptation of your guilty pleasure foods. Other than that, what you really need to become a better version of yourself is understanding all there is to know about fitness.

Becoming fit isn’t just about exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy. There’s much more to being fit than you think. Here are some secrets about fitness that you definitely need to know first.

Exercising Becomes More Crucial As You Grow Older

The truth is that your body isn’t it going to stay as strong as it did. As you grow older, you’ll begin to lose more muscle mass, thus making it harder for you to work out and do the things that you regularly do. This process begins after the age of 30. The more inactive you become, the faster your muscle mass will begin to lose.

Being physically inactive at that age results in you losing 3-5% of your muscle mass each decade. If you want to continue having the same body well into your golden years, you should at least do resistance workouts or weight training two to three times a week. It doesn’t have to be intensive training, just make sure that you get your muscles moving.

Moving To Heavier Weights

An exciting part of training is when you see that you’re actually improving. One of the ways to see how much you improve is by checking out if you’re finally able to carry heavier weights. As per experts from the Health Constitution, you shouldn’t rush moving up your weight level. When should you begin moving to heavier weights?

There’s no exact measurement as to when you should move up. However, experts suggest that you stay in your weight range up until you can do 12 reps comfortably.  Once you feel less strain doing so, you can then move up a weight range.

Eat Better By Learning How To Portion

Ask anyone who’s living healthy and they’ll tell you that one of the toughest parts of living a healthy life is eating right. It’s even harder to begin eating healthy once you’re already used to having no control over what you eat on a regular basis. If you’re just starting, you can begin so by learning how to portion properly.

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For meats like chicken breasts, for instance, the cut shouldn’t be larger than your palm. For pasta, it shouldn’t be larger than your fist.

Never Skip Cardio

People tend to skip cardio because it’s the toughest part of working out. However, it’s the most essential part of it as well. Aside from being a great way to burn those extra calories, cardio also gives you the capacity to squeeze in more work into your workout sessions.

Living a healthier lifestyle is always possible regardless of what point in your life you are in already. Knowing these four secrets we’ve just shared is just one step of the journey to this new lifestyle. Of course, there are many other things that you need to know if you really want to start living and being healthy.

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