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Andreas Michailidis Sees Finish vs Pursuant Marcel Grabinski at Oktagon 44

Andreas Michailidis clashes with Marcel Grabinski at Oktagon 44 on June 17th.

Michailidis appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss this key fight within the massive Tipsport Gamechanger tournament, thoughts on Louis Glismann who awaits the winner of this contest, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Andreas Michailidis

Winning in his Oktagon MMA debut against a fellow UFC vet and advancing in the Tipsport Gamechanger tournament

“Yeah, it was a good experience, you know. Fighting for the first time in Oktagon, it’s a very nice organization. It was full crowd, it was crazy night, yeah. I fought a very good opponent, you know, Leandro Silva. I think he’s like number one in welterweight division or number two, something like that. He’s one of the best guys and I think he was one of the favorites to win the tournament. So yeah, it was a good win. It was a good win.”

Feelings on being part of this tournament field with a one million Euro cash prize with some of the best 170 pounders all throughout Europe comprising the brackets

“When I hear the first thing, I think is let’s call the manager and put me in the tournament. Yeah, it was very exciting, the money are good. It’s a tournament thing. It’s this thing you know all the best welterweights come together and fight for the first place. I like it, it intrigue me. So I tell my manager, let’s do it.”

Oktagon 44

Thoughts on his opponent Grabinski garnering one of the bigger tournament upsets by stopping Máté Kertész

“Yeah, he did a good job stopping Kertész but you know what to tell you the truth, I didn’t think like Kertész looked very good that night. Like he do like some takdown attempts very bad and he get caught very early with a knee. I mean Grabinski is a good fighter. He has like a very good record, he’s experienced. But I also think that many guys felt like Kertész was one of the favorite. But I checked his record and I didn’t see him like winning somebody like very good. I don’t know why he was the favorite.”

“But still he’s (Máté Kertész) a good fighter, ok, and Grabinski took him out. Grabinski’s dangerous. Yeah, of course, I know it. Very experienced guy but I think I have more weapons. He’s actually more of a boxer. I think I have more weapons. I have better wrestling, better kicking. Have more weapons than him. He mostly is good with hands, he’s a puncher. So I think I’m better in many things than him and that’s my opinion.”

Oktagon MMA

Grabinski sees himself finishing things in the second or third round and how Michailidis sees the fight ending

“Yeah, I’m not sure. Like I think it’s going to be like three round fight. Look I tell you the truth and maybe not, either Grabinski will come forward and stand up and exchange. I think I can hit stronger than him and I am strong like him. If he goes like straight on me, I don’t know, I think it’s not going to go like three rounds. But if he’s going to keep distance, you know; it’s difficult, it’s difficult, you know. Because the last fight, I thought I’m going to knock Silva out and it didn’t work, so. But I think it’s going to go three rounds. I don’t know, let’s see.”

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