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Andrew Angelcor on Brett Hudson Clash at BKFC 50

Andrew Angelcor tests skills with Brett Hudson at BKFC 50 on September 22nd.

The fistic fireworks emanate from 1STBANK Center in Denver, Colorado, and the pugilistic proceedings are broadcast on the Bare Knuckle TV app and FITE TV.

Angelcor spoke to Dylan Bowker before this title bid. Excerpts from the chat are below.

Andrew Angelcor

With your opponent here Brett Hudson readying to make his bare-knuckle debut, I’m curious have you been able to find any tape on him?

I was doing a cursory bit of research and didn’t really see as much on him admittedly. Were you or maybe coaches internal to your preparations able to find anything on this guy or is it more about your own individual preparations ahead of BKFC 50?

“Yeah, I’m sure I found the same stuff that you did. I found his Instagram and you know he has a few like; ten seconds hitting the pads. I found no fights, no nothing. So that is unfortunate because you know I’m not underestimating him. I know he’s making his debut but to me you know it’s kind of like a baby snake right? They can’t control their venom. So, you know they’re actually more dangerous because of that. So, I’m not at all taking him lightly.”

“The fact that I don’t have any fights or anything to study, it kind of f works against me because I don’t know what to expect, you know. Little snippets of pad work on Instagram doesn’t mean **** because it doesn’t matter how you hit the pads or the bag, it’s how do you do in a fight? Because once you get hit it’s different and then so obviously that does play into my advantage. Because of who I’ve fought during a fight. I know what time it is. Been knocked down, I’ve been cut open.”

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

Andrew Angelcor continued, “I’ve been to five-round wars. Been there, I’ve been I’ve been on that stage. I’ve been, you know, with the cameras and the lights and the action. So that works to my favor. I don’t know what his experience is. Maybe he does have some stuff and it’s just not online you know. I don’t know his style, but I would imagine because it’s his debut and he wants to prove himself, he’s probably coming to fight. It’s very very (laughs) unlikely that he’s just gonna show up and roll over, you know.”

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A variable with BKFC 50 I kind of find interesting because with some of these fighters, it’s like I sometimes do talk about the higher altitude that Denver brings. But it seems like being that you’re based out of Barstow there’s that higher altitude there as well.

I mean you’ve already fought in this Colorado market before. So it would seem like you’re very familiar with all of that already and would know how to navigate that where it’s like a negligible difference either way I guess.

“Yeah, I’m in an area of California called the high desert. So, our altitude, we’re a few thousand feet up. Then I fought in Denver already and we thought maybe that was gonna be a difference. We got off when I was cutting weight off the plane, hitting the pads. I didn’t feel anything. Fought a three-round fight before I knocked out my last opponent out there and I didn’t feel tired. I mean I’m in pretty damn good shape. Train constantly year-round and I’m never off weight.”

Andrew Angelcor continued, “I just told you I made weight in five days like four days last time. So, I’ve already been there you know. I mean he’s trained there regularly. So, he’s probably got more acclimation to it but I’m not worried about it. I’ve already been there, and I know what I bring to the table. I don’t see this fight going five rounds. So, it’s not like cardio is going to be a factor you know. I honestly think he’s gonna come out guns blazing, I’ve got to weather the storm, and then put him on his ***.”

Andrew Angelcor vs Brett Hudson

So you think with his forward pursuit and foreseeing that he’s gonna have that level of fervor coming right at you, are you see yourself capitalizing on that and that leading to the finish at BKFC 50?

“Definitely absolutely. Just like I said, I’m basing this solely off of his personality online. This actually isn’t my original opponent. My original opponent bailed out on me like he stepped in. So, the fact that he wasn’t my original opponent, and he was willing to step up and be like man, no forget this guy. I’ll fight him like I’m not scared of him like these other guys.”

“That tells me that in his mind he’s a warrior and he’s willing to step up. He doesn’t care about who I am or what my record is or where I come. This guy’s like they might be scared but I’m not. So, I imagine he didn’t just step up and take the fight to sit there, you know.”

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I’m sure there’s a level of camaraderie that probably creates because we were talking about the short-notice nature of the recent gloved boxing bout before. But even when you stopped Van Vo in the third round of your lightweight BKFC bout there previously, that was another short-notice one.

Does that impart a level of respect to your BKFC 50 opponent just being that you can understand that perspective there?

“Oh yeah, absolutely. No yeah, I definitely respect, and I appreciate that he is willing to step up to fight because if he doesn’t step up then I don’t fight. If I don’t fight, I don’t eat. If I don’t eat, I don’t pay my bills, I don’t feed my kids. So, to me, it’s frustrating when guys, you know, claim that they’re fighters and they’re about that life.”

Andrew Angelcor continued, “Then they duck and dodge people because it’s not an easy fight, their hometown, and all that BS. I don’t; At the end of the day, fighters fight. So, for me, I respect all my opponents. Every guy that I’ve fought you know I became friends with after. I’m a professional, that’s what we do we fight. So, there’s no reason and then again him taking the fight you know three weeks’ notice is impressive.”

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