Art of War 12 Results Martinez vs Roncoroni

Art of War 12 Results – Martinez vs. Roncoroni

Art of War Cagefighting has taken the Pennsylvania mixed martial arts region by storm from back to back sold out crowds, to heavy hitting cards from top to bottom. Saturday, May 11th is no different as Art of War hits Philadelphia’s notorious 2300 Arena for their 12th fight card installment.

In the co main event, 302 BJJ/ Balance Studios undefeated middleweight prospect, Andre Petroski takes on Ryan Parker whom is coming off of two impressive wins. With Petroski’s undefeated streak on the line, and Parkers momentum lately, its anyone’s ball game and this fight very well could be a candidate for fight of the night.

Culminating in the Art of War 12 main event, Jesus “Chavo” Martinez returns to the cage to settle some unfinished business with Eric “The Viking” Roncoroni. These two light heavyweights originally had a fight scheduled but due to particular circumstances,, the fight never played out at its original date. Now, these two stand out light heavyweights will settle their score in the city of brotherly love.

Complete Art of War 12 results below:

Jesus Martinez (205) Eric Roncoroni

Round 1: Roncoroni leads with a leg kick but Martinez marches forward with straight punches down the pipe. Roncoroni attempts a head kick followed by a spinning wheel kick but is blocked by Martinez. Roncoroni presses forward with straight punches but Martinez switches levels for the takedown and pins Roncoroni to the cage. The fighters separate for a minimal exchange until Martinez gets the bout to the floor. Roncoroni is trying to create space with elbows from the bottom with Martinez peppering shots from the top until the final ten seconds. Martinez postures up and begins raining down ground and pound to Roncoroni to close the round.

Round 2: Roncoroni behind the round with a lead head kick which is blocked. Martinez follows with a flurry of punches finding their mark and Martinez follows Roncoroni to the floor. Martinez peppers Roncoroni with some ground and pound while ROncoroni looks for a kimura. Martinez slips out and continues with ground and pound to Roncoroniin half guard. In a grinding second round on the floor, both fighters have had their share of back and forth exchanges, Martinez ends the second round elbowing Roncoroni’s midsection and thighs.

Round 3: Martinez opens the round with an attempted headkick but missed by centimeters. Martinez follows up with some heavy leather, pressing forward to clinch Roncoroni against the cage. Roncoroni gets the separation and Roncoroni throws the headkick again. Martinez blocks and charges forward for the takedown, Nadine in side control and immediately taking full mount. Roncoroni attempts to spin out but gives up his back. Martinez looks for the neck for the rear naked choke but Roncoroni is defending well. Martinez peppers with some to the side of the head to create openings, however, Roncoroni is defending well. Martinez gives up on the choke attempt and behinds ground and pounding from behind to the side of Roncoroni’s head. Roncoroni is able to scramble and score the reversal, throwing the knee up the middle. Martinez catches the knee and follows Roncoroni to the ground where he grinds out the remainder of the round with ground and pound on top to close this main event.

Winner: Jesus “Chavo” Martinez Via Unanimous decision

Andre Petroski (185) Ryan Parker

Round 1: Parker commits first with a straight right hand and Petroski ducks underneath for the early takedown, landing in side control. Parker attempts to wall walk to reverse Petroski, however, Petroski peppers Parkers face with some punches to regain position. During a brief scramble, Petroski sees Parkers arm lingering, and snatches it up abruptly and forcing the tap to an armbar almost immediately.

Winner: Andre Petroski via Armbar at 1:56 of round 1

Zedekiah Montanez (145) Shelton Sales

Round 1: Zed wastes no time going after his opponent with vicious intent with a flying knee that catches Sales early. Zed follows up with the wounded Sales to attempt to finish the contest, but Sales defends well scoring a heavy slam of his own. Zed goes through multiple submission attempts with Sales defending well. With Sales on top, he attempts heavy ground and pound but nothing phasing Zed from the bottom. Both fighters and ack up and Zed turns up the volume with precision punches which drops Sales, spinning back kicks to mix it up, but is ultimately taken down to close the round.

Round 2: Sales scores the takedown early in the round with Zed throwing up kicks from the bottom until Sales follows him to the ground. It isn’t long for Zed to lock up Sales’ arm for the armbar finish to put a stamp on this bout.

Winner: Zed Montanez via Armbar at 1:46

John Garbarino (185) Sean Glass
Round 1: Garbarino starts the round with authority as he lands a clean right hand to a spinning back kick putting Glass against the fence. The fighters separate and Glass and Garbarino clinch against the fence with minimal action.

Round 2: the fighters start off the same way they start round one with relentless action, and glass landing the better of the blows. Garbarino follows in to pepper some more shots to Glass whom is against the fence. Glass fires a knee to the midsection of his opponent and Garbarino takes the bout to the floor where he immediately locks up an armbar that looks tight to close the second round.

Winner: John Garbarino via TKO upon suggestion of ringside physician to stop the contest.

Mikeal Kennedy (185 BELT) Gordon Wigington

Round 1: Both fighters waste no time and come forward clashing in the center of the cage after an immediate exchange. Kennedy presses forward and gets Wigington to the cage and begins throwing punches to the face. Wigington gets the reversal and starts some ground and pound of his own. Kennedy is in the seated position bets secures the neck and leans back for the guillotine. Wigington fights through and starts grinding away with some heavy ground and pound. Kennedy throws his legs up for a last minute triangle choke, but the opening rounds bell sounds, drawing a close to the round.

Round 2: Kennedy lands first with bth fighters engaging heavy leather. Kennedy works Wigington to the fence but is immediately reversed. The fighters work off the cage and fall to the canvas with Wigington landing on top. Wigington is steady with his ground and pound with Kennedy throwing shots from the bottom in between breaks. As the round draws to a close, Wigington remains on top.

Round 3: Neither fighters waste time exchanging heavy leather, throwing at will and landing respective punches. Wignington takes a few hard punches but finds his way in to secure the takedown early. Kennedy scrambles to his feet and starts teeing off with one-two punches that are starting to take their toll on Wigington. Both fighters are showing signs of fatigue at the closing seconds with Kennedy clinching Wigington to draw a close to the end of this bout.

Winner: Gordon Wigington via Unanimous Decision

Aaron Nobles (205 BELT) Cameron Chism

Round 1: Nobles leads with some jabs but Chism is the first to commit with a body ick landing. Nobles is pawing his way in but Chism is trying to utilize the range with body kicks to keep his foe at bay. The fighters clinch and Chism looks for a knee followed by breaking the distance with a punch combinations that is met with fire from Nobles. Nobles charges in to pin Chism against the cage for a short period until he breaks at the 10 second mark and these fighters let the closing seconds of the opening stanza tick away.

Round 2: Nobles starts the action with some straight punches upstairs and follows up with a level change to get the takedown on Chism. Chism regains his posture and gets to his feet to be met by a punch combo that seemingly rocks Chism. Nobles follows Chism to the ground looking to follow up on the wounded fighter. However, Chism gets the reversal and has some ground and pound, himself, as he punishes Nobles. Nobles finds his way to his feet and Chism starts grinding away to the body with knees to close the round.

Round 3: Both fighters touch gloves and Chism begins to work with the leg kicks. Both of these fighters engage, center cage, back and forth landing their respective shots. Nobles closes the distance and charges Nobles against the cage and Chism hammer-fists the side of the head relentlessly until Nobles takes a step backward. Chism marches forward with combinations looking to be the aggressor until Nobles switches levels for the takedown at the end of the round which Chism uses as a last second chance to secure a guillotine until the final bell rings.

Winner: Aaron Nobles via Unanimous decision.

Nicholas Uva (130 BELT) Anthony Caschera

Round 1: These fighters start this contest without touching gloves and Caschera is the first to throw a feinting leg kick to bait Uva. Uva shoots in but is caught with a D’arce choke on the way in. Uva fends it off and stands back up, but Caschera doesn’t leg go of the neck. Caschera walks Uva against the cage and gets the bout to the ground where he secures a tight guillotine choke that Uva can’t find his way out of, forcing the tap.

Winner: Anthony Caschera via guillotine choke at 1:19 of round 1.

James Murray (160) Dennis Norton

Round 1: The action immediately starts with the fighters having no feeling out process. Amidst the action, Norton throws a leg kick which is caught by Murray and Murray takes the bout to the ground. With several submission attempts from both fighters and scrambles, Norton comes out on top to close the opening stanza.

Round 2: Norton charges Murray with a punch combination looking to get the action started early. He charges forward with punch to kicking combinations and switches levels for the takedown which is stuffed by Murray. The fighters return to their feet and Murray gets a huge slam to land in side control. The majority of the round is spent with Norton on top until the bell.

3rd round: Norton throws two leg kicks and switches levels for the takedown. He secures the back of Murray and starts peppering the body and thighs to score points and soften Murray up. Murray attempts to roll out but gives up his neck as Norton looks to secure the choke. Upon Norton attempting to roll on his back to get the choke, Murray escapes, and Norton shoots for the back again and scrambles for the neck again as the final bell sounds.

Winner: Dennis Norton via Unanimous Decision

Mariah Castro (115) Nell Diebell

Round 1: These two females waste no time engaging trading punches, center cage. Castro switched levels and gets the takedown with Diebell looking to lock up a triangle from the bottom, but to no avail. Castro postures up and starts raining elbows to the midsection of Diebell to close the round.

Round 2: The two fighters clinch early, trading positions and knees against the fence. Castro lands peppering punches to the head while in the clinch. The round was spent mostly in the clinch and with the final seconds ticking, Castro separates to create space and throws a 1-2 punch combination, and switches levels for the takedown attempt but is stuffed, a the bell sounds.

Round 3: Castro is trying to keep space and pick her shots more, with beautiful head movement. Diebell is stalking Castro with heavy punches but the blood leaking from Diebell is showing who’s on the losing end of this contest. Castro pics up the pace towards the end of the round to target Diebell’s nose. With ten seconds left, these fighters leave it all in the cage with Diebell’s face leaking in a fight neither of these fighters will soon forget.

Winner: Mariah Castro via Unanimous decision

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