Baby Slice added to Bellator 162

Baby Slice: I used to spar with my dad (Kimbo) all the time

Baby Slice:  I used to spar with my dad (Kimbo) all the time

Kevin Ferguson Jr., also known as Baby Slice makes his professional MMA debut tonight against Aaron Hamilton.  The fight goes down on the preliminary portion of the Bellator 165 fight card from the SAP Center in San Jose, California.

Recently Slice caught up with TMZ reporters where he states “I used to spar with my dad all the time … he used to sit me down with body shots.”Baby Slice added to Bellator 162

His father of course is the late great Kevin Ferguson Sr., more affectionately known as Kimbo Slice who was made famous with his sensational backyard brawling videos which were made available on YouTube.

Kimbo fought professionally at heavyweight while Baby Slice is competing at welterweight so there was a comparable size difference there. Besides….. who doesn’t like getting beat on by their dad?

Especially when your dad is one of the toughest looking dudes on the planet?

Ferguson goes on to say he used to have some jitters about getting it on … but thinking about how he rumbled with his dad actually calms his nerves.

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