Best massage gun on the market - The ExoGun

Best massage gun on the market – The ExoGun

If you suffer from chronic back, hip, and neck pain like I do, you have probably spent hours searching the internet for the best massage gun on the market.

Well, I’m hear to tell you that not all massage guns are created equal.

I recently acquired the all new ExoGun and man has it changed my life.

I’ve tried other massage guns in the past and the experience here has been night and day.

Let’s discuss a few of the qualities that I really enjoy about this product.

Battery Life

For starters, the ExoGun battery life blows that of the competitors clearly out of the water.  It has a unique LED digital counter that allows you to know exactly what percentage remains in your battery life.  I charged my ExoGun more than a week ago, and have used it three or four times now, only to find that my battery life is still sitting at 99 percent.  I challenge you to find another massage gun that can make that claim.



The ExoGun comes with four interchangeable attachment heads that each provide a unique experience as they target different muscles groups at different intensities.  The ball head is likely the most commonly used head no matter which brand of massage gun you use.  It is a round ball like piece that covers the most surface area.  Many athletes like this head as it does not poke any areas that may be sensitive to touch.

ball, massage gun, ExoGun

The second head, the one that I like most, is the fork head.  The name suggests that it might be sharp and poke your skin.  Although the fork head is double pronged, the edges are rounded and is perfect for getting in the hard to reach areas between your spine.

prong, fork, exogun

The flat-head attachment resembles a hammer-head like piece.  Like the ball head, the flat-head is not likely to push on any nerve or muscle areas that might make you re-think what you are doing.  The flat-head is the perfect comfort piece as it will glide across the surface in a non-aggressive fashion.

hammerhead, massage gun

Lastly, the bullet head.  If you guessed that the bullet head might be the most intense, you are not wrong.  Imagine the fork head, but with only one prong.  This is piece that you want to use if you are trying to target a small area that might be hard to get to such as a hip bone or a knot in your back.


Carrying Case

The ExoGun comes with a sleek case to store the product along with all the interchangeable heads and charger.  I recently went on a beach vacation and stored the case under my driver’s side seat.  It fit like a glove and was a hit with friends who all wanted to give it a try.

Ease of Use

The ExoGun is extremely easy to operate.  My kids are able to safely charge and use without worry.  The force of the massage gun is just right, not over-bearing, and not too heavy.

Well, there you have it.  If you are looking to relieve those aches and pains once and for all, the ExoGun is the way to go.  Get yours today.


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