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BKFC 16’s Reggie Barnett Jr: “I’m going to continue to get in there and pick a part and destroy“

Interview with Reggie Barnett Jr. above

This Friday, March 19th, BKFC’s number one 135lb contender, Reggie “Educated Hands” Barnett is set to step back into the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s coveted “squared-circle” in Biloxi, MS.

Since BKFC’s inception, Barnett has been on the promotion’s radar following his impressive tryout in 2018. It was only a matter of time before Barnett’s talents in the developing combat sport became abundant. The ”O.G.” Of the 135 lb. division quickly skyrocketed to the top of the weight class where Barnett has been taking on any and all comers.

Barnett Jr.’s opponent this Friday will be none other than former world boxing champion, Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley.

“I feel excited. I feel confident. I’m excited that I’m testing myself,” Barnett says about his impending matchup. “He (Corley) will always be considered an elite level fighter but at the same time, this is my sport.” Adding, “I’m the number one fighter at 135 pounds for a reason!”

Corley, who will be making his BKFC made has taken on world-class athletes such Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Zab Judah, and Miguel Cotto, amongst others. Barnett, unfazed by the former champions’ accolades, is convinced Corley will have his plate full. “They’re throwing you in with the shark’s bro.”

“This is a whole different sport,” Barnett elaborates about the sweet science compared to the bare-knuckle. “When a boxing glove hits you, it pierces your soul,” says Barnett. “When a bare-knuckle hits you, it cuts your life. And they’re throwing you into the fire! Into the furnace,” continuing, “and the thing about it is, Reggie willingly walks into the furnace,” he says. “I’m not smart enough not to!”

Tune in above as Reggie “Educated Hands” Barnett Jr. discusses his upcoming bout with Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley. Barnett goes into depth about what he’s fighting for and his intentions of being an elite-level fighter.

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