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Brent Primus wants immediate rematch with Islam Mamedov, “Lot of fire in me, I can’t wait to let loose”

Interview with Brent Primus above

Brent Primus was one half of a split decision at Bellator 263 with Islam Mamedov. Primus, along with many fans on social media, believe that the now 10-2 Bellator product had done enough to have his hand raised. It was the Russian debutee (20-1-1) who would win and also enter the rankings following 263.

“I can’t stop thinking about it,” Primus told MyMMANews. “It’s tough to sleep, lot of things I wish I’d done differently. Honestly I’m more fired up than ever. I’m asking for the rematch, I don’t think he wants the rematch. I got a lot of fire in me that I can’t wait to let loose.”

Primus believes he won the fight, and that Mamedov got away with one and won’t look for a rematch any time soon. Mamedov is a former PFL member, who now calls Bellator home. Primus would even love to rematch on the infamous Bellator Moscow card in the fall.

“100%,” Primus said on Mamedov not wanting a rematch. “His strong suit is ground and pound, he couldn’t do that at all to me. He thinks he got lucky, he doesn’t want to rematch me. Fuck it sucks, I just went on a run and replayed it 1000 times.”

It is clear Primus is the hungriest he has ever been.

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