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Bryan Battle discusses his UFC Charlotte win over Gabe Green

Bryan Battle only needed 14 seconds to make his hometown fans happy.

Over the weekend, Battle took on Gabe Green at UFC Charlotte and a lot happened in the fights short lived experience.

When Battle’s music hit the speakers, the fans immediately went crazy as they stood on their feet and cheered to support Battle, who was born and raised in Charlotte.

As Green got his name announced, the fans booed until UFC octagon announcer Bruce Buffer started to announce Battle’s name in which there jeers quickly became cheers.

That experience alone was something Battle would never forget, but for as good as that moment was, what happened next was even better.

After the two touched gloves, Green started to throw quick and heavy punches as he blitzed at Battle and backed him up towards the octagon cage.

As Green throw bombs, Battle began to trade shots with Green and Battle landed a short right hook and that landed cleanly on Green’s chin and knocked Green out in 14 seconds.

The hometown crowded loved see Battle win and Battle showed his emotion inside of the cage as he did his post fight interview with Daniel Cormier.

Battle will never forget the experience of an amazing walk out, an incredible performance and an after party with all of his family and friends.

Now he’ll hope to get to do that again in the future, but in the mean time he’s looking to go on run in the UFC welterweight division.

As for what’s next, he hopes it Irish superstar Ian Garry, but he’s aware the UFC maybe pushing Garry higher because of his start power, but one day he knows he’ll meeting Gary inside of the octagon.

Following UFC Charlotte, Battle spoke with MyMMANews about his victory over Green, the impact of his hometown fans, missing weight before the fight and his call out of Gary.

You can watch his full interview in the video above.

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