By Nights End Kurt Yues latest movie to premier in October

By Night’s End: Kurt Yue’s latest movie to premier in October

In a newer segment for MyMMANews, we were contacted by a film company, DarkCoast Entertainment, to review their upcoming project being released in October. The movie, Kurt Yue’s latest, By Night’s End. Yue, who has been seen in Cobra Kai as well as Vampire Diaries, has been a character actor for the last decade after walking into an acting school in downtown Cleveland.

The film also stars Michelle Rose, a stunt woman in The Expendables and Avengers: End Game. We get to see Rose’s stuntwoman past in a few fight scenes throughout the film.

Watch trailer below:

The movie starts out with an ominous chase scene in a darkly lit street. As it cuts to day we see a couple (Michelle Rose, Kurt Yue) interacting with each other just bantering back-and-forth. Clearly something is off, as a picture of a daughter is shown, but no daughter is to be found. We are also introduced with some apparent financial troubles. Then we cut to night time where the couple is woken by a home intruder. The intruder makes a plea for his life in exchange for $10K. Heather, the female lead, is forced to shoot and kill the intruder in self defense when he reaches for a weapon.

At this point, Mark (Yue) believes that something valuable is in their home and asks for one hour to find the item before they call the police to report the invasion. After no such luck, the couple finds out they aren’t alone and a few other people surround the house looking for the same valuable piece. There is a standoff in the home and clearly only one side will be able to emerge this grim night. With twists and turns in almost every scene, By Night’s End will make you check your doors before you sleep at night.

DarkCoast will release BY NIGHT’S END onto various digital platforms Oct. 6th (123 Movies, Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, FlixFling, Google Play, Vudu and AT&T).

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