Cage Wars 48 Live Results: Harley Locklear Crowned New Champion Defeating Kahler in Fight of the Year Contender

Cage Wars 48 takes place on this somber 20-year Anniversary of September 11th, 2001. As we never forget what happened, we can only celebrate the lives lost by entertaining you with one of the most American activities there is, fighting. America is a country born through adversity. MMA is a sport of adversity from the moment the cage door closes. 

Tonight 12 MMA bouts and 24 athletes will be battling adversity to achieve the ultimate goal of having their hand raised. In the main event, champion Kyle Kahler looks to defend his title against a talented striker, Harley Locklear. The co-main event is a battle between two featherweights that are known as the top prospects in the region. Mohawk Valley MMA’s Brendan Kennedy and Team Jucao’s Kyle Glasheen are set to collide for the Cage Wars bantamweight title. 

Tune in for the PPV tonight on The fights start at 6 PM.

Kyle Kahler

Harley Locklear Winner via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Kyle Glasheen

Brendan Kennedy Winner Submission Armbar Round 1, at 2:42.

Amy Golding

Hailey Hoard Winner TKO in Round 2, at 2:53.

Al Morro Winner Via TKO in Round 3, at 2:50.

Carlos Pereira

Cole Alexanian

Shawn Clow Winner via Submission via Straight ankle lock in round 1, at 1:32.

Dom Mcnamara

Vincent Constantino Winner – Via Verbal Submission due to cut under his eye not being able to see. Round 2, at 1:09.

Hayden Spekhardt

Jordan Scrom Winner Via Submission Guiltone Choke Round 1, at 1:01.

Joseph Keyser – Winner via UD (29-28, 29-28, 30-28).

Shawn Wellington

Luis Melendez – Winner – TKO – Strikes – Round 2, at 0:56.

Anthony Supiro

Vincenzo Ianuzzo winner – TKO -Doctor stoppage to do cut on eye – Round 1, at 3:00

Julius Rouse-Jackson

Bobby Angelo – Winner – TKO – Strikes – Round 1 at 2:45.

Vinny Alderuccio

Jaheel Palmer

David Galli – winner Rear naked choke – Round 1 at 1:09.

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