The ‘New Foam Finger’ Get Cauliflower Ears to Repersent Your Badge Of Honor

The ‘New Foam Finger’ Get Cauliflower Ears to Repersent Your Badge Of Honor

Throughout time athletes associated with specific sports have had physical characteristics that relate directly back to that specific game. Football’s offensive linemen are the size of trucks, basketball players are always abnormally taller than everyone else, soccer players are usually tall and thin, hockey players are usually missing a majority a tooth or two and wrestlers have cauliflower ears.  In fact cauliflower ears are so common among wrestlers that it is one of the first things you look for when someone tells you they are a wrestler.

Cauliflower ears on wrestlers and MMA fighters are the most distinctive physical characteristic in all of sports. Any individual that spots a person with a hard swollen ear knows they are either a wrestler, MMA fighter or both. It is a testament to these athletes’ years of hard work and dedication to their sport. It’s a symbol of their sport which requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice and countless hours of training. It has become recognized as a badge of honor among all those in the close fraternity sense community.

In 2007, Jag Gill, the company founder of Dedicated Few, and a fan of MMA thought of the brilliant idea to create a product appropriately named “Cauliflower Ears”. These soft plastic ears easily slide on or can be taken off, and are available in every color of the rainbow.  Being easily customized with team colors and logos, they have become an instant fan favorite across the nation among the top college wrestling programs.

“I invented this product back in early 2007. I love the sport of MMA and being a business guy I wanted to get involved with the sport somehow.” Gill said.

After years of designing and meeting his product quality expectations, he pursued the patents necessary.

“After coming up with the idea, it’s hard to believe it took almost 3-4 years until I had the product I was happy with. I wanted to make sure that the detail and quality was top notch and that we did not create a product that was demeaning, but done in a respectful way.”

The ears are created of flexible, durable, soft-plastic PVC designed to resemble cauliflower ear. The ears have drawn the top wrestling schools across America to purchase them, including Stanford, Cal Poly, Cal State Bakersfield, Indiana, Oklahoma State, and Penn State. During the 2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships in Oklahoma City, Cauliflower Ears were spotted throughout the crowd being worn by the fans supporting their school’s athletes.

Being a fan of MMA, Gill understood in order for the product to be successful that his product needed to penetrate the wrestling community first. The success of the cauliflower ears is now transitioning towards mixed martial arts.

Cauliflower Ears are a great tool for MMA fighters trying to build a brand. The marketing aspect allows fans to purchase their favorite fighters merchandise at a reasonable price, while giving fans a unique way of displaying who their supporting.

These sweet ears can be purchased in bulk or individually by visiting These Ears make a great fundraiser for high school wrestling teams and a way to assist amateur fighters in paying all their expenses. Visit their easy to navigate website and contact Jag Gill for information regarding your next fundraising event.

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