CM Punk made $500,000 for UFC 203 loss

CM Punk made $3,731 per second for UFC 203 debut fight

CM Punk made $3,731 per second for UFC 203 debut fight

Love him or hate him; love the idea of a pro wrestling star making their mixed martial arts debut in the UFC or not, CM Punk made bank.

The undisclosed pay out for the former WWE star turned UFC newbie was a flat $500,000. The Ohio Athletic Commission released the information to on Monday. That figure does not include any pay-per-view bonus that Punk likely receives per his contract.

Punk whose real name is Phil Brooks lasted a total of 2:14 with Mickey Gall before being submitted in the first round this past Saturday at UFC 203.

Gall (3-0), who made his second UFC appearance, received a disclosed purse of $30,000 — a $15,000 show and $15,000 win.

When you do the math on the short-lived performance, Punk earned $3,731.34 per second for the lopsided affair.

Not too shabby, however the numbers may be not be too settling with other competitors within the organization.

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