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Colby Covington claims Jorge Masvidal ‘overpriced himself’ to avoid Kamaru Usman fight

Colby Covington believes Jorge Masvidal doesn’t truly want to fight Kamaru Usman as he says.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the sports world, it had been announced by Dana White that Masvidal would fight for the welterweight title against Kamaru Usman. Yet, according to Covington, that is no longer the case as “Gamebred” asked for too much money.

“We have to find out how that plays out because I’ve been telling people in the media for months what’s going to happen with that fight,” Covington told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast.

“I said that journeyman Jorge Masvidal, AKA ‘The Street Judas’ is going to overprice himself out of the fight, he don’t want to fight Marty Fakenewsman [Usman]. He doesn’t want to fight anyone that can wrestle him because he can’t wrestle. All he can do is get lucky and throw some Hail Mary shots and land some Hail Mary knockout. Get lightning in a bottle and get a little hype on him.”

Covington also made it clear Jorge Masvidal is someone with double-digit losses on his record so he is just hype that doesn’t deserve a title shot.

“All Jorge is is hype. Let’s not forget the man has double-digit losses. He has almost 15 losses on his record. Let’s not forget that the guy’s a 50-50 fighter in the last four or five years when you look at his record combined,” he explained. “Let’s not forget the guy hasn’t beaten anyone relevant in the top-five. The guy is all hype. This is what’s sad about the sport today. All you have to do is get one or two knockouts and you get the hype on you and people think you’re a world-beater. It’s not realistic.”

In the end, Colby Covington believes Jorge Masvidal won’t sign the contract as he is asking for Conor McGregor money. So, he expects he will get his rematch with Kamaru Usman sooner than expected.

“Jorge is not going to sign to fight. This fight was supposed to be signed a month or two ago. They’ve been dragging this fight out, trying to get this fight signed. You can see that Jorge is giving them too much issues,” he said.

“He wants the Conor fight and he thinks he deserves Conor money, he doesn’t deserve Conor money and he’s not a Conor-level fighter. He needs to get over that, get out there and either take the ass-whooping by Marty and get exposed. Which I don’t think he’s going to show up for. Or, he needs to sit the f*ck back and let the big boys play at the top of the mountain. And that’s me against Marty Fakenewsman – round two.”

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