Colby Covington

Colby Covington stands up for police; calls out NBA, MLB and LeBron James

Colby Covington isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

On Wednesday, the sports world saw professional basketball and baseball take a stance on the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin. The NBA playoff and some MLB games were canceled due to player boycotts in the shooting of Blake, who was left paralyzed after being bullets fired by officers struck him in the back.

Covington, a former UFC interim welterweight, went to twitter to weigh in on his thoughts of the the NBA and MLB decisions. He even took a shot a LeBron James, who has been outspoken on Black Lives Matter.

“Oh wow, you postponed your games?! Wanna prove you’re really about change? Quit your multi million dollar jobs and soft privileged lives playing a kids game, take a massive pay cut and perform the toughest job in America. Become cops!!!! @NBA @MLB @KingJames”


Covington has been close to United States president Donald Trump in the past and has gotten backlash for it. When Covington won his interim title in 2018, he became the first UFC fighter to bring a championship to the White House. Then last August, members of Trump’s family came to Covington’s fight in Newark against Robbie Lawler. Following Covington’s win over Lawler, he received a personal phone call from the president.

Colby Covington and Donald Trump
During the lead up to UFC 245, which Covington lost his a welterweight title fight to Kamaru Usman, Covington brought Donald Trump Jr.’s book with him to press conferences and was offend decked out in Make America Great Again gear.

Colby Covington is currently training for a fight against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. The two will headline the UFC’s Sept. 19 card.

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