Contenders 30 - DRIVE IN - Official PPV Live Stream

Contenders 30 – DRIVE IN – Official PPV Live Stream

Contenders returns with Contenders 30 on August 14th from the Langley Prep School at Taverham Hall, in Norwich, United Kingdom.

The promotion brings the “drive in” concept with them and will be broadcast on FITE.TV.  You can purchase that pay-per-view below.

In the main event of the evening the KGP British Champion Charlie O’Neill vs the WKO English Champion Dean Pattinson.

Also in the fight card:

Harry Osborne vs Kirill Khisamiev
Ahsan Ahmed vs Sam Smith
Camaron Aslam vs Morgan Hutcheon
Jerum Agbude vs Raheel Khan
Jamal Raja vs Mickey Finn
Billy Gamov vs Jack Purdy
Gary Lockwood vs Alan McKensie
Mehdi Langlois vs Sidney Tyler
Phil Taylor vs Luke Goodge

15 minute Break

Bradley Owens vs Nick Hayes
Tom Doyle vs Jakub Adamski
Jabeed Rahman vs Chris Hayes
Stefano Catacoli vs Richard Mearns
Charlie O’Neill vs Dean Pattinson

*Fight Card is subject to change


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