Daniel Cormier's Twitter attack on Jon Jones' barber makes evening news

Daniel Cormier’s Twitter attack on Jon Jones’ barber makes evening news

Joe Becker is a barber in Endicott, New York, who has regularly cut the hair of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Becker, the owner of Face’s Barber Shop, naturally sides in favor of Jones when it comes to the beef between he and current champion Daniel Cormier. So, when Becker attacked the champ on Twitter and received a not so pleasant response, it made the evening news.

“Oh cupcake? Yeah cupcake sent me some rude tweets late last evening. He was upset because he called out Jon Jones calling him an expletive. And I responded saying he talks a lot of crap now but when fight time comes around we all know he is a wrestler. All he wants to do is hug and fall and put his weight on guys,” Becker said.

Becker says that he has tried to rattle Cormier on Twitter several times before but this was the first time he received a response.

“I mean, its Twitter. It’s not real life. Some people take it too serious like ‘Cupcake.’ I have struggled with my weight all my life and you know a guy like that doing a bully move saying I’m looking inbred… I’m going to own it. I’m going to own it and I am going to tweet back. I am a man. No one is going to tell me they are going to slap me as any man shouldn’t. Its all in fun and banter. Do I expect the guy to come in here and slap me? Probably not. It wouldn’t be good for his bank account,” Becker explained.

A rematch between Cormier and Jones still has not officially been announced by the UFC but it is expected to take place in late July.

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