UFC Vegas 15 weigh-in results - Blaydes vs. Lewis

Curtis Blaydes on Derrick Lewis KO: “I don’t believe I have a glass jaw”

UFC heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes commented on his recent KO loss to Derrick Lewis, saying that he doesn’t believe he has a glass jaw.

Blaydes was an overwhelming betting favorite to defeat Lewis when they fought last month in the main event of UFC Vegas 19. On paper, Blaydes had a huge grappling advantage, while Lewis possessed the power. In the first round, Blaydes was able to stay mobile on his feet and win the round 10-9 on his striking output alone, without even attempting any wrestling. In the second round, Blaydes reverted to his wrestling and he paid for it when Lewis landed the perfect counter uppercut as Blaydes went in for the takedown, knocking him out.

It was a tough loss for Blaydes, who was well on his way to making a run for the UFC heavyweight title before the defeat. For the third time in the UFC, Blaydes has lost via TKO. But he doesn’t believe it means he has a glass chin, as some commenters have said. Speaking to James Lynch of LowKickMMA, Blaydes said that

“He zigged and I zagged, and it was just the perfect combination. I don’t believe I have a glass jaw. I don’t. I don’t believe that after this. It’s not glass. It was a perfect storm and props to him because he knew the uppercut had to land, or it would have been a long, long evening for that. He obviously must have drilled that and all that drilling paid off. So props to him,” Blaydes said.

“Bro, my jaw is not glass. I’m 30. I don’t get hit that often. Everyone automatically attaches that to my speech impediment. Like, ‘Oh, he’s gotten hit in the head so many times, he can’t make words.’ I’m like, ‘No.'”

Despite the loss to Lewis, Blaydes is still the No. 3 ranked heavyweight in the UFC. Losing to Lewis was a temporary setback, but Blaydes has all the skills necessary to make another run up the ladder.

Do you think a rematch between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis would go any differently?

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