Dana White issues statement on technical issues during Mayweather-McGregor fight

Dana White: Inspiration for Businesspeople and Role Model for Gamblers

Every UFC fan has heard of the president, Dana White, the man who brought the industry to the mainstream and turned it into a multibillion-dollar business. His success can serve as an inspiration to businesspeople all over the planet, and there are many people who want to model themselves on the 53-year-old.

White is also renowned for other pursuits outside of the world of MMA and is regarded as one of the best gamblers on the planet. Anyone who wants to have a better chance of winning at blackjack should look to Dana White for tips.

White is Best Known for Building the UFC up from Nothing

Of course, White is best known for establishing the UFC and building it up into the behemoth industry it is today. When he partnered with Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta back in 2001 in order to take over the company, it was on the verge of bankruptcy and had been stripped of all its assets. All White’s conglomerate received was the brand name and an Octagon.

Over the last twenty years, the UFC has become one of the world’s most successful and best-known sporting competitions. White developed the brand gradually and made strong strategic partnerships such as sponsorship deals with major businesses along the way. Businesspeople who want to achieve amazing things would be wise to read up on White and copy some of his methods.

The UFC President is One of the World’s Best Gamblers

Dana White isn’t just a highly influential businessman, he’s also one of the world’s greatest gamblers. The fact that he’s managed to gain a reputation as a card shark shows that he applies some of his business attributes at the casino tables, too.

White’s game of choice is blackjack, the world’s best-known card game and one that can now easily be played online all over the planet. From Canada to the Netherlands, Australia to India, there are people logging on and playing the much-loved card game in all sorts of variations, including live iterations with real-time croupiers. More people than ever before are discovering the game thanks to the diverse options available on the internet, which range from titles like Free Bet Blackjack to Classic Speed Blackjack.

For those looking to up their game and investigate professional blackjack prospects, it’s definitely worth watching White closely at international tournaments. The savvy businessman’s acumen extends far beyond the UFC: he’s garnered a well-earned reputation as a tactician on the blackjack tables. The UFC president famously won $1.6 million in a casino in Las Vegas, and other reports suggest that he earned up to $7 million on another occasion.

White Now Has a net Worth of $500 Million

White is now one of the best-known names in the world of sport, and he has an estimated net worth of $500 million. That puts him on a par with the likes of soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo, highlighting just how successful the MMA legend has been.

White earns an annual salary from the UFC of around $20 million, along with revenue from the small stake he still holds in the company. He has used his earnings to buy a variety of expensive mansions that have all contributed to his stunning net worth.

It wouldn’t be surprising if someone decided to make a biopic about White’s incredible career to date. There’s no doubt it would include details about how he became such a successful businessman, but it would also feature his stunning exploits in the world of gambling.

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