Demetrious Johnson ONE on TNT

Photo via ONE Championship press release

Demetrious Johnson ONE on TNT 1 Post-Fight Presser

ONE on TNT 1 emanated from Singapore Indoor Stadium on Wednesday, April 7th. ONE Championship’s inaugural foray on the network produced a lot of buzzed-about happenings.

A champion defending their crown, elite Muay Thai in four once gloves, and some high octane kickboxing were but a few of the highlights.

At the ONE on TNT 1 Post-Fight Presser, I spoke with Demetrious Johnson after his title bid against highly decorated three-time ONE flyweight champion Adriano Moraes. Mighty Mouse touched on his desire to kickbox and a possible foray into submission grappling.

Demetrious Johnson ONE on TNT

I was noticing the fact that you’ve mentioned a couple of times the desire to take some kickboxing bouts there. I’m kind of curious in a broader sense because ONE has also done submission grappling, Lethwei even, just a myriad of martial arts. Are there any other arts you’re interested in competing in with ONE?

“I think the biggest one is probably kickboxing. Have no interest in Muay Thai in little gloves. I think Kickboxing. Submission grappling would be dope. But a lot of things can happen in submission grappling. You can tear your ACL LCL, some major ligaments. That’ll keep you out of competition for a long time. So I’ve always been a big fan of kickboxing in the K1 days.”

“Seeing the guys throw their combinations. How they’re able to cross distance, that’s one aspect of it. I have a little more time left in my professional career. Don’t want to look back on it and be like ‘man, I should have done a kickboxing match’. I have the opportunity but like I said, this is all stuff that’s coming to my brain now. When I’m in the room with my teammates. I’m just like, let’s just enjoy this and maybe we do a kickboxing fight. We’ll see.”

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