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Devon Lozej is Ready to Show a Brand New Fighter at BTC 11

Interview with Devon Lozej above

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Devon Lozej seemed to live by that for 18 months.

Lozej will be making his pro debut on August 15, at BTC 11. The 28-year-old Canadian-based fighter has a 4-0 amateur record, but he has a finish rate of 100%. Focus and discipline are always the name of the game and when news of Lozej’s pro-debut came out, he seemed more than ready to compete.

Weeks before he makes the walk at the River Cree Resort and Casino, MyMMANews caught up with the undefeated prospect who seemed more than ready to begin the professional chapter of his career. When asked where he was physically and mentally before August 15 approaches, Lozej’s energy could not be more focused.

“I’m great man,” Lozej said, “Camp’s starting to come to an end. I’m starting to taper off here. Probably about just under a week Thursday. You know, about 10 days out I start to really just bring the volume of training down. The intensity is still there but I stop training twice, two three times a day down to just one hard session.  Just like the fight, keep the intensity there. I’m injury-free, I’m feeling great and I’m just excited to get back in there man. 18 months is a long time, you know? I feel like a caged animal and I can’t wait to get back in there.”

The eighteen months Lozej is referring to everyone knows by now is when the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down, making options to train and stay ready limited. Especially for an amateur fighter that wants to make his professional debut. Lozej’s last amateur fight was at the end of 2019 where he won via TKO. With a finish like that, going pro was calling and he knew he had to stay ready. 

So how did he do that?

“I was just doing MMA, doing everything, jiu-jitsu, pad work with my coach.  Whatever it is, just kind of staying sharp and building new skills,” Lozej said. “With COVID, we didn’t really know when it was going to be over, or when we were able to fight. I had some stuff lined up that was canceled because of the pandemic. So,I was just staying ready. I knew that once it was over, there was going to be a select group of guys that were ready to fight, and then there was going to be the rest of the guys that were like taking it basically as an off-season.  So I had been training the entire time.”

Lozej added, “I feel like I’m five times the fighter I was when I finished my amateur career and I’m excited to get in there and show a brand new fighter.”

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