juice recipes

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Fantastic Juice Recipes You and Your Friends Will Love

If you and your friends love having fruits and vegetables, knowing fantastic juice recipes is a great alternate option for you all. Juicing is an amazing way to consume health-friendly beverages in exchange for a healthier life. As a core vegan or juice freak, the below juice recipes could be extremely helpful.

juice recipes
Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

1. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is of no doubt one of the high-demand juice recipes. And it also turns out to be very simple to prepare. You just have to ensure that you juice the carrots one at a time, whereby they are significantly large. However, there are available juicers out there in the market which are large enough to contain all the carrots. Hence, there is no cause to cut it, and they normally have filters that do the cleansing as well. 

The carrots should be unpeeled. Peeling a carrot removes its vitamins and minerals, thereby making your juice lack those essential nutrients. Then fill the juicer with the carrots steadily and avoid pushing them in because it could eventually break the blades. 

2. Celery Juice

Celery juice is another major juicing recipe. Firstly cut celery stalks into pieces to make it easier for the blades to handle while making celery juice, then fill in steadily and hold the tamper for about 10 seconds. Take note that with celery, there’s a significant minimal amount of pulp. 

If juicing a huge amount of celery, you may want to stop the juicer at intervals. Then take the juicer parts away and thoroughly rinse them with cold water. The next step you should take is replacing and continuing again. This is to prevent the juicer from being clogged or broken. 

3. Tomato Garlic Juice

If you wish for a juice with a little punch, then this tomato garlic juice is a great option for you. This might not be a famous juice recipe yet, but it’s very healthy and tasty for consumption. 

4. Watermelon Juice

This two-ingredient juice is a perfect option for a hot summer day, or rather a day you wish was summer. The little sea salt being added brings the fruit to its full refreshing state. So get a cup of watermelon juice for you and your friends for a refreshing summer day. 

5. Root Vegetable Juice

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For most of us, our bodies seem to crave fruits that happen to be in season. This vibrant juice filled with parsnips, carrots, and beets is likely to be properly worth the bill during winter. So for a refreshing day, get root vegetable juice for yourself and your friends. 

6. Apple, Lemon, Ginger Juice

Consider this juice recipe a perfect and all-purpose sipper whenever you are feeling slightly because of the weather. Apples and ginger help in improving the immune system while combating sore throats and running nose. A healthy refreshment pick! 

7. Green Juice For Kids

In the summertime, you will notice that kids love popsicles. You can refrigerate this juice and turn it into fun popsicles for the kids. Do you want a very tangy flavor? Consider using more oranges like 3-5. On the other hand, if you want a milder flavor, you should consider going light on the oranges. 

Juicing for kids benefits is undoubtedly a fun and easy way to make your children derive the benefits of healthy feeding and promote healthy habits that will last for a long time. 

8. Banana Boost

Looking for a juice recipe that is of no doubt very enjoyable? Then consider trying out this banana boost juice recipe. In preparation, if there’s no availability of pomegranate seeds, then you should go for an alternative like raspberries, as they tend to offer similarities that are alike. 

9. Spinach, Vitamin C Minty Rush

Want a quick recovery from a cold or virus? Then consider trying out this healthy, minty, and fruity green juice recipe. Spinach is known to have healing nutritional elements, and the apple is just a perfect way to improve its sweetness. Consider this more fruity than usual and if you wish to modify, just overlook the apple or use one. It can make a good 5 cups, so there’s a chance of leftovers. 

Finally, the above listed are some of the various kinds of juicing recipes to choose from for a perfect refreshment for you and your friends. If you are preparing, ensure you make it in the likeness of all to consume without complaints. By consuming the juice together with friends, you all will get a healthy life and a feeling of togetherness. 

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