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Hannah Goldy “ready to make waves in the division” after two-year layoff

Any time a fighter is forced to miss action, it can be rough, but given the state of the world over the past 16 months or so, Hannah Goldy has had an incredibly tough path back to the Octagon. Goldy, who hasn’t fought since 2019 due to injuries, a battle with COVID-19, and multiple fight cancellations, will return to action this weekend at UFC Vegas 32 when she takes on Diana Belbita in the strawweight division.

After making her first appearance to the UFC crowd on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2019 where she was not awarded a contract after her win, Goldy would eventually get the call to face undefeated prospect Miranda Granger but ultimately end up dropping a unanimous decision to her. Two years later, Hannah Goldy believes she’s in the best place she’s ever been and she’s ready to show it on Saturday night.

In an interview with MyMMANews, Goldy opened up about her time away from competition, how being a Mother first helped mold her for her comeback, and what to expect when she steps back into the Octagon. Most recently, she was scheduled to face Jessica Penne twice but due to a positive COVID test, she was forced to withdraw, and while there were weeks that she doubted her place in the sport, those thoughts quickly went away.

“Man, it’s been a road back to the Octagon, for sure. There’s definitely been times where I’ve struggled mentally and been like ‘maybe this just isn’t what I should do anymore. Maybe I should just be a Mom and try to do something else, and every time I think like that I sit on it for a week and I’m like, ‘F**k that, I don’t want to do anything else.’ This is what I’m good at, this is what I’ve been doing every single day for the past eight years of my life, I’ve dedicated so much time to it, I’ve sacrificed so much time for this sport, and I refuse to let that all be for nothing.

Just because I haven’t fought in two years doesn’t mean I haven’t continued to grow and get better as an athlete. I’ve been in multiple training camps over the past two years, and I’ve been growing and evolving, and I’m really excited to showcase that on Saturday night.

Facing adversity was a challenge for Goldy, but one that she was willing to take on just like any true fighter, and in doing so, she laid the foundation to move forward with her future being focused strictly on her family and her fighting career.

“Yes, obviously I’m a Mom first and that will always be the biggest role in my life but fighting is second and it’s what I dedicate all of my life too. Between being Odin’s Mom, being a fiance, and fighting, that’s all I do, that’s all I care about. That’s what I’m trying to make my life be about.”

Not only has Hannah Goldy focused on getting better physically and technically as a fighter, but she was candid about her last time inside the Octagon, and how she was in a dark place back then, and has fought her way out of those times to get to where she is now.

“I think right now, not only physically am I in the strongest, best, place in my life but mentally and emotionally, I’m just on another level. I think that sometimes we forget how important mental and emotional health is and I’ve really been working on that the past couple of years. I just feel super confident in every area right now and I’m excited to be able to go into the Octagon feeling like this.”

Back in 2019, Goldy was part of a Contender Series card that featured Puna Soriano, Brendan Loughnane, Yorgan de Castro, and herself, and while she’ll share this weekend’s card with Soriano while Loughnane is in the PFL and de Castro has been cut by the UFC, Goldy says she goes back to that night in 2019 a lot.

“It’s funny, I always go back to my Contender Series night. I remember Dana [White] said something about me when I didn’t get the contract, he said ‘I think Hannah’s a killer when she’s moving forward I think she just needs some more experience.’ At that point I only had four pro fights, and going back to the mental state, I didn’t have the confidence I have now. I think two years ago, I didn’t know if I belonged in the UFC.

Now I fu**ing know I belong in the UFC. I know this is where I’m supposed to be, I know I can make waves in this division, I know I can go out there and get finishes. I’m confident in my skills, prepartion, team, and myself and that’s going to be a game-changer for me. I’m firing on all cylinders right now and I’m ready for it to be my time.”

Feeling as she is now the best possible version of herself as she can be, especially compared to where she was two years ago, Hannah Goldy says she’s ready to show the fans a big surprise on Saturday night.

“Saturday night’s going to be a big surprise, I feel like the stars are aligning for me right now and I’m just ready to show the world who I am as a person, as an athlete, I feel like it’s my time and I’m ready to embrace that.”

A two-year layoff could hurt a fighter tremendously, but for Hannah Goldy she used it as an opportunity to get herself in the best possible shape as a person and a fighter, and at UFC Vegas 32, she’s ready to start turning heads inside the division.

Full interview with Hannah Goldy below:

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