Houston Alexander

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Houston Alexander on Joey Beltran “A non-Jake Paul situation with us”

Houston Alexander tests skills with Joey Beltran in the main event of BKFC 33 on November 18th.

Alexander appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts for the first time and we touched on multiple topics during our conversation. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Houston Alexander

The temperament when the bout offer versus Beltran came Alexander’s way and their prior MMA history fighting each other

“Man, it was actually pretty cool, man. I was like, man, I get to fight Joey again (laughs). So it was actually pretty cool to hear. Especially with Joey being so accomplished in the bare knuckle. So I was excited to get the fight.”

The mutual respect between both of these 205 pounders heading into their main event and Alexander’s thoughts on Beltran’s stylistic attributes

“Man, well you know what, Joey’s patient. He’s very patient you know and he likes to stand in front of you. So patient guys who like to stand in front of you, those are the guys that you’ve got to worry about because I’m one of those guys too (laughs). He’s a professional. We’re real guys who know how to do real fighting. We’re professionals, so I expect him to be professional. I’m sure he expects me to be the same.”


If there are any takeaways from their first fight or if it’s a completely different dynamic since it’s an entirely new combat sport

“We’re just basically boxing with no gloves. So you know I’m a pretty damn good boxer and I’m sure he is too. It’s going to be a non-Jake Paul situation with us. We’re going to go at it.”

Alexander’s thoughts on Beltran saying he has a bit of a mental edge from having his number previously but also not taking Houston lightly

“Ah, man you know what. I think my take on that would be we’re in the moment. We’re not worried about wins or losses. Not worried about then and now. We’re going to worry about when we’re in that brown squared circle from what I understand what it is. I think you’ve got two competitors who are going after it. We’re not worried about the past…we’re worried about now.”

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