How The Benefits Of Your Muscle-Building Extend Beyond MMA

Three main processes are involved in exercise-associated muscle growth – muscle tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress according to a recent study by Schoenfeld. Mixed martial arts training is not only about the best cardio workouts which include, jumping rope, cycling, rowing and swimming. It also entails anaerobic conditioning which provides for sprinting, weight lifting, isometrics and plyometrics. It focuses on building your muscle mass and overall strength. Since MMA is such a vigorous physical activity which requires your whole body to develop coordination, you learn how to work your body as one. But how do these benefits help with your general health?

Health benefits of anaerobic conditioning

Aerobic conditioning involves training your heart and lungs to pump blood productively, allowing oxygen to reach your muscles. But with MMA, anaerobic conditioning empowers you to execute better in those explosive exercises. Engaging yourself in mixed martial arts training will involve specific strength and speed which in turn employs the anaerobic system of your body generally. For instance, when you engage in weight training of any form, you break down muscle fibers with microscopic tears due to the tension induced during your workout sessions.

Balancing Your Hormones

For your muscles to rebuild and re-energize, a process known as protein synthesis has to occur with the aid of androgenic hormones in your body. The hormone in play here is testosterone, the primarily male sex hormone. Apart from playing its major role in the development of the male reproductive system, it keeps off conditions such as obesity through maintenance of muscle mass, bone density and bone strength. In addition to increasing your muscle to fat ratio, the loss of weight in exchange for building muscle, participating in anaerobic training stimulates the “after-burn” also known as burning of calories while at rest.

Effective anaerobic training recommendations

Advantages of MMA training are undisputed and becoming fatigued shows proof of a tough workout session undertaken. However, there are higher risks of injury if you are new to mixed martial arts training. To start, you’ll always need to warm up for at least three minutes before your exercise. It helps loosen stiff joints and getting your body warm. It is paramount for anyone planning to undertake a workout session. Start with a lower intensity aerobic exercise and gradually increase the weight and intensity as you strengthen your foundational level of fitness. Your objective is to train your body to grow stronger and increase your endurance for more extended periods. In case you have health conditions which are likely to deter you from going through regular training sessions, it is wise to seek advice from your doctor on the safety of engaging in anaerobic activities.

Invest In Recovery Time

Recovery is vital when it comes to muscle building after workout sessions; you should always get adequate sleep for your muscles to recover fully. Good food consumption gives your body the nutrients needed to promote restoration as well as repair tissues. Maintain hydration to increase recovery, performance and benefits of anaerobic workouts.

So long as you pace yourself and adhere to sensible recommendations, the benefits of building muscle through your MMA training can enhance multiple areas of your health so long as you keep up the activity on a regular basis. Making healthy practices a habit will lead you to live a healthy and longer life.

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