Invicta FC 34 results - Porto vs Gonzalez for flyweight title

Invicta FC 34 results – Porto defeats Gonzalez for flyweight title by technical decision

Tonight, Feb. 15, Invicta Fighting Championships returns to Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kan. for Invicta FC 34. The seven-fight card is headlined by top-ranked contender Vanessa Porto (20-8) battling surging Pearl Gonzalez (9-3) for the vacant Invicta FC flyweight championship.

The card also includes the opening round of a flyweight tournament that will determine the number one contender to the championship.  Milana Dudieva meets Karina Rodriguez and DeAnna Bennett takes on Miranda Maverick.  Erin Blanchfield vs. Tracy Cortez serves as an alternate bout.

Invicta FC 34 streams live on UFC FIGHT PASS tonight at 7 p.m. CT.


Flyweight Title: Vanessa Porto def. Pearl Gonzalez by technical decision (40-36, 39-37, 39-37), Round 4, 2:34
Flyweight Tournament Semifinal: Karina Rodriguez def. Milana Dudieva by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Flyweight Tournament Semifinal: DeAnna Bennett def. Miranda Maverick by unanimous decision (29-28×3)
Flyweight: Tracy Cortez def. Erin Blanchfield by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Featherweight: Helena Kolesnyk vs. Faith McMah *canceled due to Kolesnyk missing weight by 10 pounds*
Flyweight: Victoria Leonardo def. Jamie Milanowski by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:45
Featherweight: Courtney King def. Holli Logan by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 4:46
Flyweight: Caitlin Sammons def. Christina Ricker by TKO (strikes), Round 2, 3:02

-Caitlin Sammons vs Christina Ricker

In the event’s first fight of the night, Caitlin Sammons (7-1) takes on Christina Ricker (1-1) which sees both fighters making their Invicta FC debuts. Both fighters started the first round with all focus on their striking as they exchanged knees and punches in the first couple minutes, with no clear advantage at the start. Sammons would go on to press Ricker against the cage and get a takedown with two minutes left in the first round and after Ricker got back to her feet momentarily, Sammons got her second takedown. As the round ended, Sammons had an armbar locked in, but the bell sounded and Ricker will see the second round.

Despite being on the ground to end the first round, Ricker came out pressing early in Round 2 as both women kept the fight standing early in the round. Ricker took a big body kick in the middle of the round and Sammons worked the fight down to the mat where she continued to work her submission offense. After some ground-and-pound, Sammons continued to work off Ricker’s back and dominated with more striking. Sammons would then finish the fight with striking off the back and secured the TKO victory in her professional and Invicta FC debut.

-Courtney King vs Holli Logan

Originally scheduled as a featherweight fight, this bout was moved to a catchweight of 150 pounds after Holli Logan missed weight coming in at 149.9 for the official weigh-ins. Logan came out starting the fight throwing a big right hand which King ate and continued to press forward. Early in the first round, the fight remained on the feet and the women continued to exchange punches. After King pressed the fight against the cage, there was a late scramble in the round which saw King get the takedown as Logan attempted to fight it off with a guillotine, but the round ended with King on top and with the successful takedown.

Logan threw a big kick to start the second round but King walked through it and the women started to throw heavy shots up against the cage. After Logan reversed position against the cage, King worked for a standing guillotine but Logan continued to work out of it. In an attempt to fight off the choke, Logan went for the takedown but Courtney King held the submission and continued to work for a submission as the fight went to the ground.

As she continued to dominate on the ground, King attempted the D’arce choke which Logan successfully defended and escaped out from the back. As the second round was nearing the end, King found herself in top mount and started throwing heavy strikes, worked her way to Logan’s back and followed it up with a rear-naked choke which would force Holli Logan to tap near the end of the second round.

-Jamie Milanowski vs Victoria Leonardo 

As the fight started out, Leonardo threw a leg kick which was was followed up by a level change from Milanowski who got a takedown very early. After the fight got back to the feet, Leonardo got a takedown of her own and was able to land some hammer strike, until Milanowski got back to her feet. Once Leonardo got the fight back to the mat, she scrambled and went to work quickly on the ground, finding herself able to secure the rear-naked choke victory in the first round.

-Tracy Cortez vs Erin Blanchfield

This fight between Tracy Cortez and Erin Blanchfield was a reserve bout for the flyweight tournament which is taking place on this fight card. Early in the fight Cortez was able to secure a takedown but it was countered by Blanchfield where she immediately looked to lock in an armbar submission, which Cortez was able to escape of early on. Most of the round continued on as Blanchfield continued to work for the armbar while Cortez kept her pressed against the cage with her knee on Blanchfield’s head. Finally escaping out of the submission attempt, Cortez would get the fight to the feet and against the cage as the first round came to an end.

The second round would come out and look very similar to the second as Blanchfield looked to secure a takedown on Cortez who would defend it and keep Blanchfield against the cage. Cortez would get more control in the second round and do her best work against the cage, landing a big knee and while Blanchfield continued to look for an armbar, Cortez finished the round on top in a round that was all in her control.

Tracy Cortez would come out in the third round and landed a left hand as the round began. After landing a few more strikes, Cortez would look for a takedown that was stuffed by Blanchfield who then worked Cortez to the cage and would get the trip takedown. Blanchfield would work Cortez against the cage and would hold top control as Cortez continued to fight out and look for the escape. As the round reached the halfway point, Blanchfield continued to work from top position looking for a submission attempt. As the two ladies scrambled against the cage, Blanchfield would try to take Cortez’s back who escape out of it and got the fight back to the feet and started throwing exchanges. As the round came to an end, Cortez had Blanchfield up against the cage and the bell would sound sending this fight to the judges. After a very back-and-forth fight, Cortez would get the victory by split decision.

-DeAnna Bennett vs Miranda Maverick

The first semi-final fight of the flyweight tournament of the night takes place between Maverick and Bennett. The two women started the fight on the feet and kept it there early in the first exchanging shots throughout. After Maverick turned away as Bennett rushed in, Bennett would take advantage of the mistake push Maverick against the cage and secure a takedown with just about two minutes to go in the round. As Bennett would continue to work from top position, she ended the round from high guard.

Just as the first round would start off, Maverick would look to attack the legs of Bennett as the two exchanges trikes early on. Bennett would then force Maverick to the cage and after a scramble on the mat, Bennett would secure another takedown in the fight. Bennett would land some heavy strikes while working on Maverick’s back and as Maverick was able to get up on her feet, Bennett brought her back down to the mat with a submission attempt. Maverick would work for a single-leg takedown attempt which was countered by a guillotine attempt from Bennett, and the bell would sound at the end of the second round.

As the third round began, Maverick would look to establish control and used her kicking to attack the legs of Bennett. Maverick would find herself attacking in and out with punches during the halfway point of the third round with neither woman having a significant moment as the clock continued to wind down. Bennett would work Maverick up against the cage, as the two worked back-and-forth in the clinch. After a continuous exchange between both ladies throughout the third round, the final bell would sound and the fight is headed to the judges. The judges would reward the fight to DeAnna Bennett by unanimous decision and she would advance to the flyweight tournament final.

-Milana Dudieva vs Karina Rodriguez

In the other flyweight tournament semi-final of the night, both women came out in the first round looking to exchange. After several exchanges, Rodriguez would attempt and just miss a spinning backfist but continued to exchange strikes. As the first round came to an end, Dudieva swarmed Rodriguez on the ground who attempted to comeback with a big knee. With the bell sounding, Dudieva landed a right hand that hurts Rodriguez and the fight moves on to the second round.

Dudieva started the second round with her momentum as she came out quick and wild with another right hand that hurts Rodriguez early on. Rodriguez wouldn’t be held back as she lands a left hand of her own on Dudieva and the two women exchanged in a wild brawl. Dudieva would then work for a takedown but let go of the attempt and the two women went back to throwing punches with Rodriguez looking to control the cage. Dudieva would get another single-leg takedown on Rodriguez who was able to scramble and get back to her feet where she pressed forward with a combination of punches and kicks. After Dudieva went to the body against Rodriguez, Karina Rodriguez would start to throw a combination of punches and establish her power. With the end of the second round nearing, Rodriguez would press forward and start to furiously attack Dudieva with a flurry of strikes but the bell would sound and the fight will see a third round.

Karina Rodriguez would come out quick early in the final round as Dudieva appeared to slow down. Rodriguez would establish control early on throughout the third round in exchanges and established dominance in the center of the cage. As Rodriguez would control most of the third round, Dudieva secured a takedown at the end of the third round and after a scramble, Dudieva and Rodriguez would end their fight exchanging punches against the cage. The judges would score a split decision for Karina Rodriguez and she’ll advance to take on DeAnna Bennett in a rematch at the flyweight tournament final.

-Vanessa Porto vs Pearl Gonzalez for Invicta FC flyweight title

The vacant flyweight title is on the line in the Invicta FC 34 main event as Vanessa Porto takes on Pearl Gonzalez. Both Gonzalez and Porto exchanged kicks early on as the fight began, with both finding themselves at the center of the cage. Gonzalez would get a combination of punches that would force Porto to push the fight against the cage and Gonzalez would land knees to the body of Porto. Porto would reverse position and get Gonzalez against the cage and secure a takedown that was immediately met with a Kimura submission attempt from Gonzalez. Gonzalez would get back to her feet but Porto would land big punches with Gonzalez up against the cage. While Gonzlaez worked guard she would continue to look for the Kimura but that would be answered by elbow strikes from Porto and the bell sounds at the end of the first round.

The second round would see much of a similarity to how the first round started with Gonzalez throwing kicks to begin the round. After Gonzalez lands a right hand, Porto would attempt to get Gonzalez against the cage but she was able to escape out of it. Both women would continue to exchange leg kicks and as Porto threw another kick, Gonzalez grabbed the leg and worked for the takedown but Porto was able to throw her and secure another takedown. As both women scrambled on the ground, Porto would find herself in top mount position with 90 seconds to go in the second round. Porto would give up the position and then once again get another takedown and looking for another submission, as the second round came to an end.

Much of the same to start the third round as both women would exchange early on which would lead to once again Porto pushing the fight against the cage. Gonzalez would get the fight back to the center of the cage, and as Porto missed and slipped after a kick, Gonzalez was unable to capitalize on her opponent’s mistake. Porto would land another takedown with two minutes to go in the third round and work herself to side control. Both women would scramble and work for position on the mat and with the third round coming to an end, Gonzalez would work on the ground as Porto stood on her feet throwing kicks.

With the fight in the championship rounds, Gonzalez would look to establish her jab which would appear to be effective early on. Porto would find herself landing shots to counter Gonzalez’s jab but there would be an eye poke that lands on Porto which caused a cut right on top of the eyelid of Porto. After a stop in the action, the doctor declares that Porto can not continue due to the cut on her eyelid.

The commission would rule that foul was accidental and they would go to the judges’ scorecard for a technical decision, which sees Vanessa Porto claim the vacant flyweight title.

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