Erin Blanchfield

Erin “Cold Blooded” Blanchfield believes she can beat anyone in Invicta’s flyweight division heading into Invicta FC 34

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At Invicta FC 34 on February 15, Erin Blanchfield will have the opportunity to cement herself as one of the top flyweight contenders in Invicta FC. Blanchfield is currently undefeated, including winning her first two matches under the Invicat FC banner. But her next fight is her biggest opportunity yet as she will face Tracy Cortez in the alternate bout of flyweight tournament Invicta is having to determine a number one contender in their flyweight division.

However, “Cold Blooded” Blanchfield didn’t initially get the alternate spot. She says she was always supposed to be on the card, but when Brogan Walker-Sanchez pulled out, Cortez’s opponent, Karina Rodriguez was moved into the tournament and Blanchfield took her place against Cortez. Blanchfield was named Cortez’s opponent a little over two weeks prior to the bout, but she said the short notice nature doesn’t bother her.

“I had enough time that I wasn’t too worried about it and I was very interested now that we are the back up fight for the tournament, so that’s a really good opportunity so I was ready for it.”

This will be her third fight in the Invicta cage and will have three more fights remaining on her contract with Invicta, Blanchfield feels that she is developing at the right pace and is right where she needs to be.

“I feel like I’m learning so much in each fight at Invicta, cause everyone is so tough and everybody is talented. I’m really happy with where I’m at right now and just plan on getting better.”

Cortez is no different, she is 4-1 including finishing her last two opponents. However, Blanchfield believes Cortez has a weakness in her game, one that happens to play to what Blanchfield is known for.

“For most of her fights I feel like she has pretty crisp striking and wrestling, but her jiu jitsu is her weakest aspect to her fighting. So I think it will be an interesting matchup especially if it gets to the floor.”

Blanchfield’s fight will take place right before the flyweight tournament matches and the flyweight championship and she will be watching those fights carefully as she could find herself a fight a way from a championship opportunity. Though she likes to focus on the fight in front of her, she believes she can take on the very best Invicta has to offer.

“I like to take one fight at a time and make sure I win each one cause it won’t matter unless I win this fight. But I feel like on a good day, I can beat anyone in the flyweight division.”

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