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Brett Martin

Brett “Big Dog” Martin looks to add Lights Out Championship belt to his collection

The Big Dog is back, Brett Martin will step into Lights Out Championship’s cage in one of Michigan’s most anticipated heavyweight matchups.  “Big Dog” Martin faces TUF 28 competitor Josh Parisian for the Lights Out Championship heavyweight belt. This will be the third professional belt Martin looks to capture in as many fights. He lost to LeRoy Johnson in August fighting for WXC’s heavyweight belt and in his last bout, Martin defeated Ryan Pokryfky by unanimous decision to win Total Warrior Combat’s heavyweight belt. Martin is excited to have another opportunity for a belt, but he wants a finish in this fight.

“I had a rough going in August against LeRoy Johnson, that was for a belt, it felt good to get another opportunity to chase a belt and get another shot at the gold and come out on top. We went in there and took care of business, we got the decision, I don’t really like decisions, I always go for the finish. Obviously, a finish would’ve been a nice cherry to the belt but that’s what we’re working for this time.”

The work he is putting in for this camp comes after lessons learned from his lone pro loss to Johnson and believes learning those lessons were the most important part of his career so far.

“The biggest thing I learned from that fight is you gotta train your camp according to your opponent. I didn’t do a ton of wrestling, I kinda went in there with a striking base when I’m a grappler.”

I feel like if I went in there and took LeRoy down, that fight would’ve went a completely different way. Those things happen, I learned more in that fight about myself than I learned I’ve learned from any of my fights. Those are 25 minutes, a barn-brawler, I got my ass beat pretty bad, I was getting punched the whole time, I had a big guy on top of me. I think that it shows I’m not going anywhere. It’s going to take more than a punch to get me out of there.”

The Johnson fight was the first fight Martin felt he was a hundred percent going into it. The Big Dog dealt with a knee injury from his wrestling days but took care of it before that fight. Since then, he says he has built up the strength in the knee and is confident in it going forward.

“I haven’t dealt with any injuries since then.”

Martin will need to be a hundred percent for his upcoming fight as he faces TUF 28 veteran Josh Parisian. He respects his opponent but says there is a reason Parisian is fighting him on the regional scene instead of fighting in the octagon.

“Josh is a tough opponent, just like any other opponent I would’ve fought. I’m happy he went there and put a huge label for Michigan heavyweights, but like I said, he’s back here on the regional promotion taking fights so obviously they think he has something to prove just as I do.”

Martin says his keys to victory are implementing his game plan and if he does, he believes the finish should be his.

“I don’t go into fights to get the decision, I go in there to get the finish so I’m predicting a finish as always.”

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