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Jake Paul and Andrew Tate in negotiations for a fight

In what could be the most hated boxing match of all time, news broke today that Jake Paul and Andrew Tate have started negotiations for a fight. Paul posted to his Twitter the two influencers facing off with the caption: “Negations.”

The two social media influencers are hated by many and this fight could be pitched not as a grudge match between Tate and Paul but a grudge match between those who like the influencers and those that wish to see them canceled.

Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate

Jake Paul is the bastard son of boxing. At a 6-0 record, Paul has made a career of beating up not-boxers though not for a lack of trying. He’s notably beat Tyron Woodley twice, Ben Askren and most recently, Anderson Silva.

Paul has tried to take on boxers Timmy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. During both the Fury lead ups and the Rahman fight, the boxers, not Jake Paul, pulled out of the fight causing opponent changes and event cancellations for “The Problem Child.”

Andrew Tate is another not-boxer for Jake Paul but he still has a combat sports background. Tate has a 76-9 record according to Wikipedia and a 2-1 MMA record. Tate has competed in some of the top kickboxing promotions in the world including Enfusion, K-1, and It’s Showtime. He was an ISKA World Champion to boot.

Andrew Tate for Jake Paul might not be the boxer everyone wants Paul to fight but nobody can deny that this fight has the legs to be entertaining and controversial. Tate has been deplatformed and drawn criticism for his comments about women and rape. There’s a possibility that Paul could play the good cop in this fight and have fans actually root for him unlike his heel personality until this point.

There’s a long way to go in negations for Jake Paul vs. Andrew Tate but one thing is for sure, feathers will be ruffled.


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