Jordan Burroughs considering an MMA transition after 2020 Olympics

Jordan Burroughs considering an MMA transition after 2020 Olympics

Jordan Burroughs, a 5-time Olympic wrestling champion is currently focused the 2020 Olympics preparations. However, following his recent strong showing in a win over an MMA fighter in a charity event, he is considering a move that many wrestlers before him have made. Moving to the MMA.
For wrestlers, transitioning to the MMA is normally viewed as a natural progression. A positive step in building a professional fighting career. Wrestling is viewed as a base at which fighters gain entry level skills to a career in professional fighting.

What is the difference between MMA and Wrestling?

This is a question that many people ask themselves especially when they come across the two terms for the first time. In addition, they also wonder why many successful professional wrestlers transition to MMA.

MMA is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. This means that the fighters in this profession have the liberty to fight in the different fighting styles that they are well versed in. It began as a sport that showcased different fighting styles to determine which was superior to the other.

On the other hand, wrestling is a scripted performance. It has predetermined moves that a player can make to earn the most points to win the match.
Wrestlers therefore transition to MMA to enhance on their craft, to gain more fighting skills and styles and above all to win in unscripted fights.

Back to Jordan Burroughs

As a five-time wrestling world champion, there is always attention on what Jordan Burroughs does. Prior to the news of his win over Ben Akren, there was the controversial story that the UFC had hired him to train Conor McGregor in some wrestling skills before his big fight. This story was then proved to be untrue after his wife denied it on social media.

The MMA fighters and professional wrestlers worlds interacts quite often. Both disciplines have had run ins with the authorities and fans over the use of performance enhancing drugs. Even when these drugs are supplied by legitimate sellers such as SteroidsFax, many people are of the view that the fighters are cheating.

Jordan Burroughs in 2016 spoke out against the use of steroids in both wrestling and the MMA. He felt that the use of steroids is a substitute to hard work that other clean fighters put in to get bigger and better at their craft.

A move to the MMA by Jordan Burroughs is not unexpected given that many top wrestlers have already done it. However, at 31 this year, and yet to join MMA, his fighting career in this new venture may be short lived as most fighters retire late in their thirties or early forties.

All we can do is wait and see the career moves that he will make after the 2020 Olympics. With his focus on the Olympics, he still has time to change or make up his mind on his future as a professional world champion fighter.
We wish all the best in his preparations and all upcoming fights.

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