Bloodsport IV Results

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport IV Results – Dickinson vs. Cobb

The most brutal hitting event in professional wrestling, Josh Barnett‘s Bloodsport, kicks off 2021 with the fourth installment of its ever-growing movement, airing live on February 13 from Los Angeles, California.

GCW Bloodsport is a professional wrestling event held by the American promotion Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). This event consists of a unique ruleset compared to a traditional pro wrestling event, in that every match must end in either a knockout or submission. The traditional wrestling ring is replaced by a ring canvas with no ropes or turnbuckles.

Bloodsport IV will stream live on IPPV at 7 pm EST/ 6 pm CST/4 pm PST. The night’s main event will see Bloodsport season vet Chris “Dirty Daddy” Dickinson taking on “The Human Suplex Machine” Jeff Cobb. The co-main features the legendary British Bulldog son, Davy Boy Smith Jr, squaring off against Hardcore Indy sensation Calvin Tankman. The Kumite action doesn’t stop there, as the event is loaded with six much see confrontations that look to showcase the best talents of MMA and professional wrestling.


Jeff Cobb defeats Chris Dickinson via Knockout (Suplex)

Davey Boy Smith Jr defeats Calvin Tankman via Submission ( Crossface Neck Crank)

Tom Lawlor defeats Simon Grimm via Knockout ( Knee Liver Shot)

Kal Jak defeats Nolan Edward via Knockout ( GTS Knee Finish)

JR Kratos defeats Alex Coughlin via Knockout (Knee Strike)

Superbeast defeats Bad Dude Tito via Submission (Double Wristlock)

Calder McColl defeats Royce Isaacs via Submission (Triangle Choke)

Diego Perez defeats Gil Guardado via Submission ( Mounted Guillotine Choke)


MYMMANEWS FIGHTER of the Night: Super Beast- Being the only mask competitor on the card alone made  Super Beast a standout fighter at Bloodsport 4. But this alone isn’t what made Super Beast the star of the show, as his road to victory in his match against Bad Dude Tito showed what got him onto the Bloodsport card. Even with sustaining a dislocated shoulder, Super Beast was still able to dominate the entire match. He possesses smooth submission wrestling transitions for a guy of his size, combined with robust power throws aiding in his domination over Tito to secure the win. It will be very interesting to see his future in Bloodsport. Also, I’m curious now as to who is under the mask. Hopefully, we will find out that mystery soon.

MYMMANEWS FIGHT of the Night: Tom Lawlor vs. Simon Grimm- Both men are veterans of the Bloodsport franchise. These two competitors laid it all out  for a worldwide televised audience. Grimm was clearly hungry for the win, which was shown throughout the fight, as he dominated the majority of the match with an aggressive mix of strikes and catch wrestling techniques. However, with the heart of a warrior, Tom Lawlor was able to weather the onslaught. Lawlor’s comeback was one of a great shock, as a liver shot to Grimm’s gut would be the opening space he needed to turn the tides in his favor to come out on top with a knockout finish. This fight was one of grit, skills, and comeback elements any fight fan would admire, which made it enjoyable to watch.

MYMMANEWS FINISH of the Night: Karl Jak ( GTS Knee Strike)The brutality put on display by Jak showed a man out to secure his first victory on the Bloodsport stage. Kal Jak controlled the entire fight over Nolan Edward. The battle’s ending moments saw Jak hoisting his opponent over his shoulders, releasing his grips to deliver a knee strike GTS finish for the KO win. However, the carnage didn’t stop there. As the referee calls an end to the fight, Jak continues to punish Edward by launching his opponent off the Kumite stage.

MAJOR ANNOUNCMENT : A huge announcement was made after the main event battle of Cobb vs. Dickinson. Bloodsport 5 will take place next Saturday, February 20th. The main event of Bloodsport 5 will be Davy Boy Smith Jr taking on AEW star and IWGP US Champion, Jon Moxley!

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