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Josh Palmer Previews Third Coast Grappling 7 on FITE TV

Josh Palmer will be calling the action at Third Coast Grappling: 7 on FITE TV in June.  The event features some of the best middleweights in the sport in an eight-man tournament looking to see who can be the last man standing. FITE TV has featured pro-wrestling, boxing and MMA in the past and while they have had some grappling in the past, it looks like they’re going big with this event and Third Coast Grappling.

Palmer took some time to talk with MyMMANews.com about what fans can expect from this event, and one thing, in particular, seems like a fresh idea in the grappling space. From an eight-man tournament to a unique take on the team grappling concept.

 “There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on there,” Palmer said. “There’s going to be quite a lot going on in this show. Because there’s not just this middleweight Grand Prix going. There’s several other very good super fights,  there’s I think four titles on this card as well four title bouts that are going to be happening, and then they’re also going to have a crack at a very very fast-paced team grappling event.”

Team grappling is not a new concept, anyone familiar with Palmer knows about Polaris and their team events as well as Quintet.  However, when asked if Third Coast Grappling is similar to Quintet, Palmer says. “It is. It is five on five but in terms of the amount of time, it’s gonna take to get through one match-up between two five-man teams it could be incredibly fast. So, what they are is one team member from white belt, one from blue belt, one from purple, one from brown, and one from black. It’s gonna shoot out white versus white, blue versus blue, purple versus purple but I believe it is winner stays on.”

So, grappling fans could see how fatigue and athleticism change the skill level of certain ranks as time goes on according to what Palmer says.  That along with the middleweight tournament and the other super-fights mentioned could make Third Coast Grappling a force in the world of competitive grappling.

It should be interesting to see.  The event is a PPV on FITE TV priced at $16.99 on June 19 at 8 PM EST.

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